Microsoft Officially Disputes Kinect-Less Xbox One Report

Microsoft to Game Front: "We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect. We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One.”

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Mr_Nuts1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Hope it's true

Was it that hard to listen to what most gamers actually want. I find it a little funny how they would be going back on everything they revealed the Xbox One to be. If they had done a DRM-Kinect-less console in the first place they wouldn't have such a huge s*** storm on their hands.

Abash1822d ago

Thats a shame they're not actually doing it, the Xbox One would appeal to way more people at a cheaper price and without forced Kinect

darthv721822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

it can still appeal at a cheaper price but kinect still comes with it.

for many, price is the only factor and those that cant get it at the initial price will likely get one when it gets cheaper. Price is an obstruction and when you remove the obstruction then there is no more excuse to hold out.

Unless there was no desire to begin with.

edit: its easy to say now that you "dont want to use" because we dont have it yet. The implementation and how it integrates is something that needs to be experienced before we decide.

It will be better than the existing kinect and the existing kinect isnt that bad to begin with so I am optimistic that it will be better received and supported.

Mr_Nuts1822d ago


Not really because in most peoples eyes your still paying for something in the box which you don't want to use. Everytime the price comes down you'll still be thinking in the back of your head

"This could of been even cheaper without Kinect"

xHeavYx1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

From the article
UPDATE: We received a comment denying this story from a Microsoft spokesperson. Here’s the quote:

“We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect. We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One.”

nukeitall1822d ago

It would be a terrible shame if revolutionary technology was ignored by developers if it didn't have the proper push and adoption by consumers.

MS keeping Kinect standard and included in every box is the right decision.

If you are so against Kinect, don't buy an Xbox One and buy a PS4. Don't turn my Xbox One into an suped up PS3!

I want to see what Kinect can do!!!

abzdine1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

When they realize that their console isn't selling due to the high price they'll think twice. But they're definitely unsure about what they want.
Soon they'll say exactly opposite off what they just said like they said digital and always connected is the future.

To be continued...

MysticStrummer1822d ago

"It would be a terrible shame if revolutionary technology was ignored by developers if it didn't have the proper push and adoption by consumers."

It wouldn't be the first time tech died because of consumer apathy, but I don't see how Kinect is revolutionary tech since a lot of what Kinect does is already doable with other products. That includes using voice and gestures to control devices and making Skype calls on your TV. Those things will be standard in new smart TVs before long, and there are already devices that allow gesture control without a camera, which does away with PRISM related concerns.

GamerzElite1822d ago

They already invested so much money on R&D, If they do so then investors wont be happy.

malokevi1822d ago

Kinect is part of the package. It is not a forced peripheral, its an essential component. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves and spinning BS.

Lets hope morons let this issue lie sooner rather than later. Though, if they haven't gotten the message by now, they probably never will.

darthv721822d ago and always connected are the future. Even sony knows that. anytime you see sony talk about the PS4 they touch just a bit on the offline part but they focus more on the online part.

they know a connected console is the direction they see the industry going. People want to whoop and hollar at being offline when sony doesnt want people to do that. its there but how many will really buy a internet enabled device...just to sit offline?

the percentage will be extremely low. Given the success of the ps3 online the ps4 is pretty much counting on it being the online successor and drive home the idea of being online is where its at.

As far as digital goes...we have been digital for many years now. It is just the evolution of convenience and distribution. will there be a much higher DD presence this gen than last? Absolutely. will people really care about the increased number of Day 1 digital? Absolutely. will it be a negative response? not in the least.

There is more benefit to the DD this gen than previous. that convenience is something that will not be overlooked this time around.

AngelicIceDiamond1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Nope, Kinect now, not later. We already know what happens when they introduced Kinect later in the gen before, and it wasn't pretty.

I think people need to quit wining and deal with Kinect being in there. MS will have the ability to market the entire premise of the console.

Instead of separating the market as well as its fanbase.

People complain now but in a year or two they'll get over it, trust me.

Mr_Nuts1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


Thats your solution..."get over it"


No wonder companies treat us like crap when people like you just tell us to deal with it. Like Adam Orth Junior.

dc11822d ago

@ darthv72
"As far as digital goes...we have been digital for many years now. It is just the evolution of convenience and distribution."

While the above is true; It's also true that MS did not have to mandate that future.

The mandate was the problem. It's far better to let natural consumer progression take place. I personally only buy digital music.. but could still pick up a CD if I really wanted to.

We can agree on this :)

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31822d ago

It's crazy people are complaining about something that come with the console that would more than likely would be more if sold separate. Besides the fact that the console is built from the ground up to include the device just like the normal controller, it cost's $400 for the windows version of Kinect 2.0.

mewhy321822d ago

I agree with Abash. I would be much more interested in the xbone if I wasn't forced to take the kinect spy camera and they reduced the price to 349.99. I mean without the camera and with weaker specs 349.99 would be a fair price.

ShwankyShpanky1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


"Kinect is part of the package. It is not a forced peripheral, its an essential component."

Please explain how it is an "essential component" if the UI can still be navigated and 99% of games can still be played with Kinect's functionality completely disabled (but not unplugged). If the console can still be used without Kinect functionality, then by definition it is not "an essential component."

malokevi1822d ago


...because it needs to be there for the console to work? lol...

Darth Gamer1822d ago

bull s#it, the Kinect is the biggest defining difference between the XBOX ONE and the PS4. If MS was to take that away, it would be the biggest mistake to date.

awi59511822d ago

Thats stupid everyone shut up they have to go all in or developers will not use it. See how much developers used the PS3 controller for motion control, yeah they didnt because it was half assed.

Ben121822d ago

once everyone sees the advantages of having Kinect you will all want xbox one.

pompombrum1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

^^^ - said no one ever.

There, finished your sentence off for you.

Rhythmattic1821d ago

Maybe MS should meet consumers half way.... Make the One usable without an attached Kinnect? At least it's there if a game requires it....

Would certainly comfort people concerned about the privacy issues.

The_Con-Sept1821d ago

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hah *croak.

I just died laughing.

Seriously though forcing kinect down peoples throats as a box in, then the next thing you know every game will require its use. Then people will revolt about it online. Then they will launch a kinect-less bundle with another 180. Man the corporate adbox 180 is in a serious tail spin.

badz1491821d ago


keep pushing for it and maybe they will listen. the DRM is no more, now self-publishing is in place...who's to say that there won't be kinect-free Xbone later?

JokesOnYou1821d ago

So sonyfanboys with a history of trolling xbox want a X1 without kinect, yeah sure OK, fortunately it ain't happening.

pompombrum1821d ago


Are you joining on the "only sony fanboys hate on Xbox" bandwagon? No matter how many times you or anyone else tries to play down the scale of the Xbox hate, it doesn't change the fact there are a good number of Xbox 360 owners and former Xbox fanboys who have no interest in Kinect what so ever and most likely won't be buying an Xbox One on launch because of that/higher price.

JokesOnYou1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Your proof? nah, you got nothing to go on, you're just here to troll another Kinect thread.

Unlike you heres my logic based on what I see + understanding human behavior + reasonable assumptions, n4g is the test sample, I don't know every xbox or sony fan on n4g but I've been a member here long enough to know the vast majority. A quick count of lets just say the last 10 kinect related threads and I cant find more than one member who has been mostly a supporter of xbox or clearly unbiased history who wants kinect removed from X1. As for 99% of those who have clearly been negative about anything xbox/micro related its no question they have been and continue to be negatively biased towards kinect. So therefore understanding this and knowing they have a history of trolling 360 its quite obvious this is more hate, and its laughable for them to even pretend suddenly they want a X1 without kinect, basically nothings changed. Nobody, not even sonyfanboys believe that sonyfanboys want a X1 without kinect, you and I know sonyfanboys don't want an X1 period, its rhetoric to hide your jealousy for fear somebody might enjoy something different than the ps4.

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Aceman181822d ago

Wasn't going to buy one anyway, but if they did decide to do a kinect less bundle I might have considered a look into one. Oh well.

Kurt Russell1821d ago

Kinect is the only reason I have am buying the PS4 over it. I don't like the idea of having a camera on me all the time. I am not worried about what it means for gaming, I am just a bit 1984 paranoid.

Now DRM is gone, the other elements of the console, including its game line up looks pretty good.

Aceman181821d ago


The lineup looks good only game that has my interest is Quantum Break the others not so much, but I can see it does for others.

Microsoft has to prove to me that they can provide me with a variety of exclusives that would make me want to spend my money on it.

As for kinect I don't care about and since its mandatory looks like there won't be one in my apt for the foreseeable future.

Kurt Russell1820d ago

Yeah games are subjective, different strokes for different folks ;)

Personally the two games I want most are multiplat. BF4 and the Division. So I am happy to get them on a PS4.

LoveOfTheGame1822d ago

If they made a DRM-Kinect-less console they would have a slightly weaker PS4.

Might just be me, but I rather enjoy innovation and having options.

SilentGuard1822d ago

Options? Like half the Xbox fan base that wants the option to have a Kinect-less Xbox One?

T21822d ago

there is no innovation, only intrusion. its for advertising, all the other supposed innovation from kinect has either been tried already or can already be done by any smart device... smart tv, smart remotes.
It is a waste of money and I am not getting a kinect. I would consider an xbone, but not with kinect.

JamieL1821d ago

@ SilentGuard & joecanada
I don't know how you two can be so matter-of-fact about what the One will do and be. I have to say at this point "I" feel MS is trying a lot more "new" stuff than Sony is. I feel Sony is really just releasing the 360 2. I have no idea how MS's plan will work out, and to be honest Sony is taking a proven successful strategy this gen, so I am defiantly not saying the XBone will "win" or anything like that, but as far as trying new stuff I feel MS is leading in that category. I am going to do the same thing I do every gen anyway and getting all of them so I can play anything.

TheTwelve1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

If Microsoft did a DRM-Kinect-less console, it would just be a wannabe PS4, without the worldwide clout that Sony has.

Knowing that both consoles were going to launch around the same time this gen, they have to try to appear different and better.


P.S. Exactly as the post above me says, haha

iceman061822d ago

I fully agree with this. MS would really only have non-gaming features to compete with PS4 and that would not be attractive to the core gaming audience. That being said, if sales aren't up to par at some point, I expect that MS will probably release a Kinect-less console anyway.

AngelicIceDiamond1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

@Nuts What? GTFO what are you talking about? What's it to you don't plan on buying the console anyway? You know what happened when MS introduced Kinect later on the gen?

too many Kinect games (kid games) shovelware, Kinect only ads, Exclusive Kinect features and Kinect only E3's with skittles and Usher.

Sony fans would want MS to have Kinect separate so they do those things again. Alienate the core fanbase and say "Xbox has no games, just casual Kinect crap", yeah nice try.

Its logical for Kinect to be in the system and get the whole package. Plus MS is using Kinect in Battlefield 4, Witcher 3 and Cod Ghost. As its first party games. "Better With Kinect"

Your getting the whole package, instead half the console and half the features Kinect is apart of the console You understand?

Of course you don't. I'll play my PS4 and use its features accordingly, and Use my X1 and use its features accordingly.

That's my logic which seems reasonable and makes sense.

How bout you just buy 2 PS4's instead? Because that's what your asking.

BTW Quit wasting your time and pretending you know what's best for the console and pretending you know the solution and problems it may have, when you clearly have no interest in it at all.

@Root So that's what you do these days hmm. How bout you and get life a little little guy?

How bout that.

Root1822d ago Show
awi59511821d ago

Silly comment for a pro sony SDF site.

NeoTribe1821d ago

We've already seen kinect in action this gen. It was a horrible broken mess. Nobody used it. Even when it worked. What makes you think people all of a sudden have an interest in jumping and frailing around a camera again? What makes you think its gonna actually work like they say it will? They released BROKEN unplayable kinect games....

PS3PWNSALL1822d ago

I find it funny how Sony Apologists think no one likes the Kinect. MS sold over 10million of those things. Of course people like it and the Kinect 2 will be way better than the first one.

T21822d ago

so 11.5 percent of xbox gamers which represent about 1/3 of overall system sales = 3.8 percent of consoles are running a kinect, and that is being generous.
a resounding success!! /s

also you don't know if kinect will be way better on xbone, its just as likely multiplats wont waste their time. but i do know it will make all those dashboard ads so great!!

rainslacker1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

A lot of people brought the Kinect on the hope that it would bring something amazing to gaming. Number was actually closer to 20 million. A lot of people were disappointed.

I saw little in the way of Kinect being liked on forums since the first one released. It wasn't until it became a console war talking point that i see people welcoming it with open arms.

I know a lot of people are saying, "We want to see what it can do. It will finally deliver what Kinect should have been". I just wonder what makes them believe that of a motion control input device, particularly since I haven't seen any game that is truly defining a next gen experience with Kinect 2. It was noticeably absent from their E3 presentation.

I see way too many people touting Kinect 2 without a single shred of evidence to it's abilities for gaming. Not a single video or representation on how it will improve game play. Too many people are going on blind optimism, instead of being more reflective of the past and asking for actual proof to Kinect 2's worth for games.

I guess the best argument I can make is...I remember the Milo demo. Cool stuff that was never realized. I've yet to have anyone really give me an adequete reason why Kinect 2 will be able to deliver where motion control has failed to live up to expectations in the past. The only thing I see is that it's so much more advanced. Throwing more power at a flawed gaming input technology(in a home console sense) is not going to rectify the development issues that keep motion control gaming from being a powerhouse worthy of praise. At most motion control is good for certain types of games, and most of those games aren't the kinds of games that I'd imagine most people on here play with frequency.

Kinect 2 is a gimmick through and through. Same as the WiiMote. But hey, at least it's better than the first one.

NeoTribe1821d ago

Dude, everyone bought it falling into the hype and realized it sucks. All my friends bought it because microsoft promised the moon. To this day none of them use it because it was horrible. Quit acting like it was a good feature. You fanboys defend the dumbest shit. If you told me move sucked, I'd gladly agree with you. The fanboy is strong in this one.

JokesOnYou1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

@PS3PWNSALL WRONG, actually it sold 24mil as of Feb 2013, hey just a quick fact check would be helpful before you throw out numbers.

@joecanada I guess you have to re-do your numbers, while your at it lets see the breakdown of move sales that count each individual move controller, despite you needing multiple controllers in a household unless you always game alone???

rainslacker the problem with your analysis is you haven't spent anytime with the new Kinect and all your assumptions are based on limits of the first, meanwhile countless professionals who have had hands on with the device have almost unanimously come away impressed how much improved the tech is and are very interested to see where micro/devs will take it. hmmm, already X1 owners will benefit day 1 with not only exclusive launch games like Forza 5, DR3 and Ryse using Kinect but also Battlefied 4 and COD Ghosts versions are confirmed to have optional Kinect support. You say meh, but devs say cool lets give gamers options. Its nice to have extra options in games, that's only because Kinect is included.

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Gamer19821822d ago

They will do it when Ps4 outsells them and they need to drop the price plus sticking it in the box early on forces devs to put it in games and then will hope to entice gamers later down the line and it won't be £100 like it was when bundled with the console it will be a lot more.

SilentGuard1822d ago

Also, when MS realizes that developers are not going to implement Kinect in real meaningfull ways becuase that would make the game an Xbox exclusive. No way developers are going to design games with Kinect in mind making it a console exclusive when PS4 ends up selling more consoles due to a cheaper price.

N81822d ago

That is a fact and if you don't understand that your crazy. If Sony kicks ass they will release whatever sku they can to compete. That's why they dropped DRM

kewlkat0071822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect. We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One.”

I fell the same way...

This is not the Xbox 360 where there was fragmentation with and add-on product. This is the way it should be.

Value, Creativity and Implementation will be automatically added to every Xbox One. Those waiting for a Kinect-less Xbox One can buy a 360, PS 2,3,4 , ipad...etc

The Kinect gives the Xbox one a different identity in terms of value, then the PS4; which is mostly a spec upgrade (although good one) from the PS3 with a crippled Eyetoy from launch.

HugoDrax1822d ago

Well said! Without KINECT 2, in my opinion there would be no point in owning both next gen consoles. Instead, I have both day one consoles pre ordered, and just received a call from GameStop informing me that all trade ins towards my PS4/XB1 console would have an extra 50% tacked on. Now I just need to figure out what to trade in hahaha! Maybe my Wii U console? or I'll just hold on to it for Mario Kart and Smash Bros : -)

omi25p1821d ago

You realize they will be losing money with each console sold. The kinect alone costs around £250 so you cant be telling me a new console costs £200 with a controller ect.

1821d ago
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NYC_Gamer1822d ago

X1 is built with Kinect in mind to ensure developers would make use of every feature

darthv721822d ago

yeah, i dont see it forced if it was built for it to begin with. It is needed to complete the package and make it work.

Removing the kinect would be akin to removing the engine from a car. You could probably sit in it and get some friends to push you around town but it isnt the same as actually driving the car the way it was meant to be driven.

devwan1822d ago

For me it's more like removing the fluffy dice from the mirror - something superfluous and laughably irritating.

nukeitall1822d ago

Kinect is the competitive advantage and the differentiator from PS4. Removing Kinect from Xbox One would make the Xbox One just another PS4 with a different skin on the user interface.

Don't compete on price alone, compete on awesomeness!!!

Once consumers starts seeing the Kinect One in action, they will be wowed and compelled to buy it.

Campy da Camper1822d ago

I see it as them selling a car that has the car drive itself. Rather than turn the radio yourself you have to ask the car to do it. I've got my own issues with ms but there are games they will have that I'd like to play. I don't care about a price drop, I don't even care if kinect comes bundled with every system...just don't make it a requirement for me to have it on to play a sp game.

I never use voice activation software. I don't ever want to wave my hand to throw a grenade and I sure as hell don't want an always on camera looking at me. Don't care about NSA but I do care some hacker will figure out a way to hack my system via WiFi and be able to check to see if my apartment is empty.

I don't see how not having kinect is an issue with devs. Unless they are going to make games that require you to use the kinect features and in that case its just a shame.

One controller. Headphones. No body heat reading and a dark room with my LED TV. Is that so much to ask for?

Patrick1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

@ nukeitall

Let me know when the awesomeness gets added to kinect.. cause from what they have shown it can actually do, its only awesome if you like games that play for you or like playing with animals named after rainbow colored candy. I'll wait till the reality catches up to the promise.

"Once consumers starts seeing the Kinect One in action, they will be wowed and compelled to buy it."

Tell that to Star wars, Harry potter and Milo Kinect. We have heard this promise before. How much disappointment can MS push on you?

NeoTribe1821d ago

Nuketaik, you seriously can't be a real. You have to be some bot microsoft programmed to praise xbox all over the internet. Even xbox loyalist don't believe kinect is great. Especially as great as you make it seem. EVEN if kinect worked how it was suppost to, its still a retarded gimmick. People don't wanna scream or flail there arms in front of there tvs. Its as simple as that. Your praising simple voice commands as if that's next gen. Your typical gamer just wants to sit down with a remote and that's it.

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devwan1822d ago

@NYC_Gamer It wasn't "built with Kinect in mind to ensure developers would make use of every feature"...

It is part of the system therefore developers know it's always there, whether they can be bothered making any use of it is up to them.

zeal0us1822d ago

Every feature, "Better with Kinect" now your super duper game has voice commands!!!!!!!!!!!

JamieL1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I'll tell you what, it may be a complete joke to you, but it's become invaluable to me. I lost the use of my right arm in a motorcycle accident about 2 years ago. I had a custom controller built so I could still play, but in Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 the voice commands helped me out greatly. I know this is a very specific case, but if it helps 1 other person in this capacity, I'm all for it. For me it was definitely "Better with Kinect", and this is something I couldn’t get on PS3. I’m glad MS doesn’t listen to folks like you.

zeal0us1821d ago

Sorry about your situation but honestly I don't think most developers care about disable or injured people far as game input goes. Voice commands has been around a long time. The question I keep asking myself why didn't more developers implement voice commands over headset/microphone?

The last thing I want to see is Microsoft and other developers trying to justify Kinect by using disable gamers like yourself as a scapegoat. Given that when one look at the past they didn't care too much to start with.

JamieL1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

That's not my point, and to be honest I don't even consider myself "disabled", but your comment mocked the fact the "super duper game has voice commands!!!!!!!!!!!", like it was stupid and didn't work, or have any real function in a game. They do, not having to switch out your shouts and being able to do each one by saying a word in Skyrim does make the game "Better with Kinect" in my opinion, and you say it like it's not true. I've used it and I think it does make the game better, so I guess we just agree to disagree. I really don't know why you just focused on my handicap and your grim view of MS, maybe you’re just a negative person in general, but thanks for that.

zeal0us1821d ago

Well regardless of what you think of me,I hope your future with the Xbox One(if you're planning on buying one) be a good one.

Now back to cleaning up my house for my family reunion.

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ShwankyShpanky1822d ago

"X1 is built with Kinect in mind to ensure advertisers have a treasure trove of market data."


"Removing Kinect from Xbox One and upgrading their RAM, GPU, and memory & power management, and adding Remote Play would make the Xbox One just another PS4 with a different skin on the user interface."

Also fixed.

Hicken1821d ago

It doesn't ensure anything, as far as games are concerned. Just like Sixaxis being in every PS3 controller, devs can treat it like it doesn't even exist, even though it's a built-in part of the system.

I dunno where you guys keep getting the idea that just because Kinect will be in EVERY box, developers are more likely to make use of it.

Use it for what? Something that can be done as well or better with a controller? Something that can be done as easily- and coded for more easily- with a headset?

The applications for Kinect in gaming are severely limited, and there are other devices that do even those jobs better.

So why would developers waste time and money making a feature work for Kinect if they don't have to?