Will Ghost be in Call of Duty Ghosts?

There has been no official word from Infinity Ward confirming whether he died or somehow survived, so GhostsElite have gone through what they know to help you make your own opinion.

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MWong1822d ago

I think when most of us heard the title COD: Ghosts, we all assumed we would be seeing or playing as Ghost. Especially with the announcement trailer. I mean everybody wearing a mask and then that Ghost mask they had.

MiasmaDodo1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

is this article for reals?
some people actually think COD ghost refers to like "casper" ghost?

wow, um interesting

Id imagine "Ghost" would be the description of the "Special Ops" we are playing know they get in get out like Ghost...?

MattyG1822d ago

No, they think it refers to Ghost, a character from MW2. I'm pretty sure everyone assumed he'd be in this since the cover has his mask on it.

MiasmaDodo1822d ago

well yeah that could be right
but I dont think the game Ghost is about 1 guy (ghost) only LOL

which may seem dumb.
I thinks its for the group of soldiers or past mistakes

Maninja1822d ago

Well actually it's not about ghost cause IW confirmed he's not in the game, but it is about 2 brothers

MattyG1822d ago

Didn't IW already say it was just a reference to him, that he wouldn't be in it?

Maninja1822d ago

Yeah they said this is a completely different universe from the MW series and that every reference to ghost (the masks, Riley) is simply fan service