Cloudberry Kingdom Trailer Shows Gameplay Galore

GodisaGeek: "The levels are procedurally generated, meaning just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, they’ll change up and challenge you once again. And word has it that it is a very challenging game.

Anyway, it’s coming very soon now, and although we’ll bring you a review nearer the release date, Ubisoft have released a gameplay trailer showing off exactly how tough it is."

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BranWheatKillah1795d ago

That does not look fun at all.

Venox20081795d ago

this is impossible difficulty, if you play on normal it wont be like this

TripC501795d ago

All this game does for me is wish Team Meat would make another Super Meat Boy and add, at least, Local Multiplayer.

GodisaGeek1794d ago

Give this one a try when it hits, remember you can always check the trial? :-)