Activision criticises "immature, whiny a**holes" who threaten COD devs

Activision community manager Dan Amrich has appealed to members of the Call of Duty community who verbally insult and threaten its developers over social media.

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Smoovekid1486d ago

It is the community they created. The game is so easy to play , anyone can pick it up and do good.

Mr_Nuts1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )


They created monsters and they must pay the price for that

I mean no offence but after they get off so easy when creating games which sell a ton of money despite them hardly doing everything except rehashing the game game over and over unlike real hard working devs like NaughtyDog, Rocksteady, SuckerPunch, Remedy etc who work their arses off to create the best games they can and push themselves despite the hard work it creates....what do they expect. They should be just happy they have it easy going when it comes to developing instead of worrying about sales and is their jobs safe if it doesn't sell well like so many developers these days

mewhy321486d ago

This that the update is great. Hopefully it'll take care of the "quick scoping" kills that are just not fair.

abzdine1486d ago

very mature statment from Activision.

OrangePowerz1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I doubt that your sentiment of them hardly doing anything is right, you can think of CoD what you want but it's still a full game they make with Story, Levels and so on. BO2 had different endings as well so I doubt it's stress free for them to make the game.

Dead_Cell1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

They created monsters? They created a game millions of people enjoy and they're sh*t on for it by everyone from elitists gaming crack-addicts to the misinformed.

I see them creating games, everyone else is making monsters.

FRAKISTAN1486d ago

really you are putting remedy i n the same league as NaughtyDog?

snipes1011486d ago

No. This is just wrong. They created a game that pricks tend to flock to. They don't post ads up that say "this game is designed specifically for pricks." They designed the game to be fun. You are blaming the victim here. There is no excuse for violent and threatening comments made to them. It's disgusting conduct on the part of the gamers.

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CrossingEden1486d ago

um, your point is? excuse them for not having a super serial multiplayer game right?

Hurricane43431486d ago

You are the reason why gamers are immature. It's a video game, it's supposed to be a fun time. What does easy or hard have to do with it. The Dev's are human and make games for us.

So many immature kids these days that have everything handed to them.

WildArmed1486d ago

This, it's not the community they "Created".

It's the consumers that have this sense of entitlement and immaturity.

It's like saying CoD fosters a racist / sexist / homophobic community. It doesn't, it's the consumers. It's NOT Activision's job to teach 12 year old's manners. It's the parent's job, it's a social problem. And Activision isn't really the solution or the problem.

Dead_Cell1486d ago

Well said. I see why you have so many Bubbles. +1

MoveTheGlow1485d ago


Remember the "Fight Against Grenade Spam" video?

AbortMission1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

So that warrants receiving death threats from immature emotional twats? Really?

Skizelli1486d ago

They didn't create anything. Their game just happens to attract these little shits. There's no excuse for threatening someone's life over a game.

No Way1486d ago

Anyone? No.. No not anyone. Have you not seen how terrible some are?

x_x oh my gawwd..

1486d ago
PurpHerbison1485d ago

"It is the community they created. The game is so easy to play , anyone can pick it up and do good."

Hmmm, I can' help but think of the League of Legends community now.

kewlkat0071485d ago

@WildArmed-"It's like saying CoD fosters a racist / sexist / homophobic community. It doesn't, it's the consumers. It's NOT Activision's job to teach 12 year old's manners. It's the parent's job, it's a social problem. And Activision isn't really the solution or the problem."

I agree...right Thuur

FunkMacNasty1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Smoovekid, I agree with what you said to a degree, but I think the bigger problem is the anonymity of social media and the fact that people will typically act like complete a**holes when given a veil of anonymity and are far away from getting returned personal criticism or a punch in the face from whoever they are disagreeing with.

In this case, it's CoD developers, but irrational verbal insults, name calling, and just general snotty and condescending comments are made back and forth daily between people on this website, especially in the comment threats for the articles.
If everyone on N4G was speaking in person in an actual physical room or space, I'm sure people would not act so self-ritcheous and bitter toward eatch other over personal preferences and opinions related to gaming tastes. But because we are all just sitting behind a computer screen, most people around here act like tools when they disagree with someone or someone else expresses a preference for a game or system they don't like. Two-thirds of the personal comments I've received since I've been a member of this site, would result in me decking people in the mouth or becoming verbally confrontational if those things were said to my face in the real physical world.

A long time ago, someone here said "Anonymity breeds bravado". This is a great example of that.

1485d ago
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zeal0us1486d ago

I don't know who has the worst community CoD or LoL

JonahNL1486d ago

Ouch, that's a tough one. I'd rather take my chances with the COD community, to be honest.

HammadTheBeast1486d ago

LoL actually takes some skill, so the a-holes who talk trash can usually back it up, or get stomped and humiliated.

In CoD, whiny a-holes with names like xXFaZe-QsS-OpTiC-ScOpEzZXx get high off the fact that they can abuse mechanics.

pop-voxuli1486d ago

I know right? And why the hell do they all seem to have names like that??

NarooN1486d ago

You forgot to slip in a "69" or "420" in that name somewhere, lol.

ExCest1486d ago

Unless you're playing a low-level pub. Then it gets funny.

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Starbucks_Fan1486d ago

Nascar Inside Line.

Ignorant racist rednecks everywhere

TXIDarkAvenger1486d ago


Why? because I can hear them. At least in LoL its through text. For CoD, its both.

No Way1486d ago

Wait.. what LoL stand for? o.O

ExCest1486d ago

League of Lemons (Legends)

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KillrateOmega1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Why are they surprised? The intentional ease with which one can access and effectively play Call of Duty means that most ANYBODY can get on and have fun without a lot of actual skill or maturity. Even little kids who bug their parents to buy the game for them due to its popularity.

With such a community on their hands, created by their hands, they're actually surprised by the behavior of said community? Honestly...

WildArmed1486d ago

Yes, because the community itself doesn't have any responsibility to behave maturely?

It's not the game, nor Activision. It's the culture now, no one like to behave maturely. Be it on a forum, a site, a multiplayer session, a sports game, etc.

Their upbringing / place of origin define how people interact, Activision or CoD do not have any part in that.

Why does CoD have the most of the whiners?

Well, simple math - one of the most popular games equates to more people playing.. which means more immature people are going to be on CoD.

Is it Activision/CoD/Dev's fault? No.

Society needs to take a bit more responsibility for bringing up more well-mannered people. But the norm is shifting -- music, movies, etc all emphasize this "badass gangster" attitude. And that's what we get, a bunch of immature people thinking this is "cool" and this is how they should "interact".

KillrateOmega1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I agree with you, the blame largely falls on the parents and how the child was brought up.

I'm just saying that the environment that the developers created with CoD didn't exactly lay the found