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Activision criticises "immature, whiny a**holes" who threaten COD devs

Activision community manager Dan Amrich has appealed to members of the Call of Duty community who verbally insult and threaten its developers over social media. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Smoovekid  +   612d ago
It is the community they created. The game is so easy to play , anyone can pick it up and do good.
Mr_Nuts  +   612d ago

They created monsters and they must pay the price for that

I mean no offence but after they get off so easy when creating games which sell a ton of money despite them hardly doing everything except rehashing the game game over and over unlike real hard working devs like NaughtyDog, Rocksteady, SuckerPunch, Remedy etc who work their arses off to create the best games they can and push themselves despite the hard work it creates....what do they expect. They should be just happy they have it easy going when it comes to developing instead of worrying about sales and is their jobs safe if it doesn't sell well like so many developers these days
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mewhy32  +   612d ago
This that the update is great. Hopefully it'll take care of the "quick scoping" kills that are just not fair.
abzdine  +   612d ago
very mature statment from Activision.
OrangePowerz  +   612d ago
I doubt that your sentiment of them hardly doing anything is right, you can think of CoD what you want but it's still a full game they make with Story, Levels and so on. BO2 had different endings as well so I doubt it's stress free for them to make the game.
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Dead_Cell  +   612d ago
They created monsters? They created a game millions of people enjoy and they're sh*t on for it by everyone from elitists gaming crack-addicts to the misinformed.

I see them creating games, everyone else is making monsters.
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FRAKISTAN  +   612d ago
really you are putting remedy i n the same league as NaughtyDog?
snipes101  +   612d ago
No. This is just wrong. They created a game that pricks tend to flock to. They don't post ads up that say "this game is designed specifically for pricks." They designed the game to be fun. You are blaming the victim here. There is no excuse for violent and threatening comments made to them. It's disgusting conduct on the part of the gamers.
CrossingEden  +   612d ago
um, your point is? excuse them for not having a super serial multiplayer game right?
Hurricane4343  +   612d ago
You are the reason why gamers are immature. It's a video game, it's supposed to be a fun time. What does easy or hard have to do with it. The Dev's are human and make games for us.

So many immature kids these days that have everything handed to them.
WildArmed  +   612d ago | Well said
This, it's not the community they "Created".

It's the consumers that have this sense of entitlement and immaturity.

It's like saying CoD fosters a racist / sexist / homophobic community. It doesn't, it's the consumers. It's NOT Activision's job to teach 12 year old's manners. It's the parent's job, it's a social problem. And Activision isn't really the solution or the problem.
Dead_Cell  +   612d ago
Well said. I see why you have so many Bubbles. +1
MoveTheGlow  +   611d ago

Remember the "Fight Against Grenade Spam" video?
AbortMission  +   612d ago
So that warrants receiving death threats from immature emotional twats? Really?
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ThanatosDMC  +   611d ago
Skizelli  +   612d ago
They didn't create anything. Their game just happens to attract these little shits. There's no excuse for threatening someone's life over a game.
No Way  +   612d ago
Anyone? No.. No not anyone. Have you not seen how terrible some are?

x_x oh my gawwd..
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PurpHerbison  +   611d ago
"It is the community they created. The game is so easy to play , anyone can pick it up and do good."

Hmmm, I can' help but think of the League of Legends community now.
kewlkat007  +   611d ago
@WildArmed-"It's like saying CoD fosters a racist / sexist / homophobic community. It doesn't, it's the consumers. It's NOT Activision's job to teach 12 year old's manners. It's the parent's job, it's a social problem. And Activision isn't really the solution or the problem."

I agree...right Thuur
FunkMacNasty  +   611d ago
Smoovekid, I agree with what you said to a degree, but I think the bigger problem is the anonymity of social media and the fact that people will typically act like complete a**holes when given a veil of anonymity and are far away from getting returned personal criticism or a punch in the face from whoever they are disagreeing with.

In this case, it's CoD developers, but irrational verbal insults, name calling, and just general snotty and condescending comments are made back and forth daily between people on this website, especially in the comment threats for the articles.
If everyone on N4G was speaking in person in an actual physical room or space, I'm sure people would not act so self-ritcheous and bitter toward eatch other over personal preferences and opinions related to gaming tastes. But because we are all just sitting behind a computer screen, most people around here act like tools when they disagree with someone or someone else expresses a preference for a game or system they don't like. Two-thirds of the personal comments I've received since I've been a member of this site, would result in me decking people in the mouth or becoming verbally confrontational if those things were said to my face in the real physical world.

A long time ago, someone here said "Anonymity breeds bravado". This is a great example of that.
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zeal0us  +   612d ago
I don't know who has the worst community CoD or LoL
ZidaneNL  +   612d ago
Ouch, that's a tough one. I'd rather take my chances with the COD community, to be honest.
HammadTheBeast  +   612d ago
LoL actually takes some skill, so the a-holes who talk trash can usually back it up, or get stomped and humiliated.

In CoD, whiny a-holes with names like xXFaZe-QsS-OpTiC-ScOpEzZXx get high off the fact that they can abuse mechanics.
gedden7  +   612d ago
pop-voxuli  +   612d ago
I know right? And why the hell do they all seem to have names like that??
NarooN  +   612d ago
You forgot to slip in a "69" or "420" in that name somewhere, lol.
ExCest  +   612d ago
Unless you're playing a low-level pub. Then it gets funny.
Starbucks_Fan  +   612d ago
Nascar Inside Line.

Ignorant racist rednecks everywhere
TXIDarkAvenger  +   612d ago

Why? because I can hear them. At least in LoL its through text. For CoD, its both.
No Way  +   612d ago
Wait.. what LoL stand for? o.O
ExCest  +   612d ago
League of Lemons (Legends)
KillrateOmega  +   612d ago
Why are they surprised? The intentional ease with which one can access and effectively play Call of Duty means that most ANYBODY can get on and have fun without a lot of actual skill or maturity. Even little kids who bug their parents to buy the game for them due to its popularity.

With such a community on their hands, created by their hands, they're actually surprised by the behavior of said community? Honestly...
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WildArmed  +   612d ago
Yes, because the community itself doesn't have any responsibility to behave maturely?

It's not the game, nor Activision. It's the culture now, no one like to behave maturely. Be it on a forum, a site, a multiplayer session, a sports game, etc.

Their upbringing / place of origin define how people interact, Activision or CoD do not have any part in that.

Why does CoD have the most of the whiners?

Well, simple math - one of the most popular games equates to more people playing.. which means more immature people are going to be on CoD.

Is it Activision/CoD/Dev's fault? No.

Society needs to take a bit more responsibility for bringing up more well-mannered people. But the norm is shifting -- music, movies, etc all emphasize this "badass gangster" attitude. And that's what we get, a bunch of immature people thinking this is "cool" and this is how they should "interact".
KillrateOmega  +   612d ago
I agree with you, the blame largely falls on the parents and how the child was brought up.

I'm just saying that the environment that the developers created with CoD didn't exactly lay the foundation for a clean, mature, high-quality community. It's a high-intensity FPS that throws out rewards left and right, has a low bullets-to-kill count, has a low skill gap, and thus doesn't require a whole lot of skill to do well.

"Society needs to take a bit more responsibility for bringing up more well-mannered people. But the norm is shifting -- music, movies, etc all emphasize this "badass gangster" attitude. And that's what we get, a bunch of immature people thinking this is "cool" and this is how they should "interact"."

Exactly. You end up with a society of delinquents who don't possess the will and/or education to succeed the proper way in life or behave like mature adults.

The scary part? These people will become the parents and molders of future minds. Heck, we're kind of already there.
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iceman06  +   612d ago
I think that it's even more simple than that. This "norm" that you speak of has always been there. Teenagers have always been rebellious through the changes in culture. Music, movies, etc. have always been the blame because...well...what else could it be? Well, it's the total disconnect between age groups. However, that is not really the issue here. I would bet that most of these kids give the appearance of being respectful human beings outside of CoD. It's the relative anonymity of internet communication that allows them to vent in all ways that they normally wouldn't in everyday life. It's not just kids either. I have heard arguments between seasoned adults (30 y/o) and kids as young as 10 y/o. It reminds me of the saying: Never argue with a child because, from the outside looking in, it's hard to tell which one is the adult and which one is the child.
GenericNameHere  +   612d ago
Only problem I have with COD is that it made my friends think COD is the best thing since sliced bread. Once World at War came out, we never played games like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Megaman, and Naruto anymore. Nope! Just COD, COD, and more COD. I hated it. I bought the games new on release, but I never got addicted to the multiplayer or zombies. Every December, I had already not cared about the newly released COD. What a waste of $60 every year since 2008.
Craigatorian  +   612d ago
I only stick with one of their game lines, Black Ops. Never liked the Modern Warfare games except the first one
shivvy24  +   612d ago
i havent bought cod since MW2 , it just sucks (imo) ! i play BF
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Valkyrieone  +   612d ago
Criticising the majority of your fan base.

Good job, Activision.
Hurricane4343  +   612d ago
Because it's true. Yes it is about time someone say something. GTA players are just the same. Cry babies over everything, and so many immature comments that are made behind a keyboard.
Larry L  +   612d ago
It's the same people. Modern CoD attracts the same exact gamers as GTA for the most part. Hence the same kind of "fan" feedback.
gedden7  +   612d ago
OK so I'm a hardcore C O D gamer..No I'm not a fan boy or a sniper wanna be but damn the series has gone to sh!t with the league play and OP sniping as of late...

These stupid devs and stupid kids who play/made this game should be banned from life... WORSE C O D EVER!!!

This is the last C O D that I will purchase until the create a new engine and/or they give us dedi servers..
sAVAge_bEaST  +   611d ago
Move on to BF. just stay classy. (Agreed it has gotten worse and worse since COD4. No hope for the game, Activision seems to want to Tony Hawk it.)
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gedden7  +   611d ago
Nah BF is waaaay too slow for me..
sAVAge_bEaST  +   611d ago
If your getting a new console, -I will then guarantee you that 60fps 1080p 32vs32 with full destruction v4.o will not be slow. -Battlefield was never intended to be dumbed down to 12vs12 on console @ 30fps 720p.
gedden7  +   611d ago
I asure you that it still will be slow compared to the pc madeness...
dredgewalker  +   612d ago
Doesn't immature whiny a-holes that threaten dev sound more like Bobby?
Chapter11  +   612d ago
All praise our lord and savior Call of Duty
GamerSciz  +   612d ago
So they still haven't nerfed the pistols or KAP40 at least? Awesome, nerf the weapons that use some skill..makes sense.
MRMagoo123  +   611d ago
There are no guns in COD that need skill to use, all i see are retarded kids trying to make their next youtube quickscope vids.
kydrice  +   612d ago
It's the COD crowd, of course they're mindless idiots. I miss the days when COD was something to be awed at (The original WW2 COD) Then they bastardized it, though MW1 and 2 were good.
kingmushroom  +   612d ago
The CoD community is the most immature and Garbage one there will ever be in gaming.
ziggurcat  +   612d ago
a whole 0.2 seconds to shoot, and a whole 0.1 of a second more to reload?

Mr Tretton  +   612d ago
COD is colon of the games industry, and it's time for an enema.
NarooN  +   612d ago
LMAO! Sounds like some badass action movie one-liner. For some reason I read that line in Duke Nukem's voice.
Craigatorian  +   612d ago
I'm sad that the first thing Anti-Video Game Politicians think of when they hear about video games is Call of Duty, then they go crazy like sh!t, same with Grand Theft Auto maybe worse
yewles1  +   612d ago
DoctorJones  +   611d ago
...karma, karma, karma , karma chameeeeeeleon......you come and go.....you come and go.... awahooooo....
BX81  +   612d ago
This is what you get when you sit back and build a community around 12 yr olds yelling ni##er in the mic and making dick/pu$$y gamer cards. You built it, now deal with it. With that being said I don't agree with death threats over a game.
vork77  +   612d ago
the reason why they whine is because there 12 year olds
LosAngelesActor   612d ago | Spam
worldwidegaming  +   612d ago
They could find a way to enforce good gaming habits but letting racist,sexist gamers get away with things.... It was eventually bound to happen.
This happens with movies and television shows as well..the more popular you are the easier the target you become.
Better save up some money for a bodyguard or two...
RickHiggity  +   612d ago
Well tough shit activision. When the hardcore fans begged for fixes to their game, you didn't listen. This is your audience now.
quenomamen  +   612d ago
Put ur money where your mouf is Acti, stop crapping out ur turd game then. Thought so,
mochachino  +   612d ago
I agree with Activision here, any gamer that threatens a devs is dirt.

Shame a guy makes a joke in an MMORPG and goes to jail. Some turd actually threatens a developer and gets nothing. Not that he should be punished by the law, unless the threat is serious but still, the contrast is interesting imo.
Bonerboy  +   612d ago
I've a solution....Stop making CoD! There, problem solved.
Mini0510  +   612d ago
nice joke
Bonerboy  +   612d ago
The joke is all of the mouth-breathing idiots who instigated the writing of this article.
Mini0510  +   603d ago
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Mini0510  +   603d ago
There's nothing wrong with writing the article. I'm not sure where you are going with this.
But probably what happened was that, you just wanted to post a comment, but not sure what to post. Deep down, you don't want this franchise to continue anymore, so you just made this joke.

Clearly, stop making cod will not solve this problem. This problem can still occur in other games.
Bonerboy  +   603d ago
Oh Yes, quite. PFFT are you for real? Clearly. BAHAHAHA, man.
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Mini0510  +   602d ago
Ya you don't give a shit. Then stop with the message then?
Such hypocrisy here.

You are calling me a retard? Tell me to get real? For what? Again speak for yourself.
Are you mad kid? Because you are not even making much sense now in last message.

Seriously, just stop with your lame ass insults. You are only embarrassing yourself. Read your messages and you will know what I mean, hopefully.

PS. Since you blocked me, that means you are mad as shit. I mean it's so much easier to laugh it off or ignore. Get a life kid.
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Bonerboy  +   612d ago
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first1NFANTRY  +   611d ago
stupid game with stupid fans. they are a perfect match. A clear example of the cod community.
H0RSE  +   611d ago
The players themselves need to take responsibility for their actions and behave like civil human beings. Unfortunately, the testosterone-ridden, sausage fest that is COD, mixed with the anonymity of the internet, tends to bring in less than desirable players... Factor in the game mechanics of COD itself - how it really isn't a skill based game at all, and you have a perfect formula for douche-a-rama...

I have been gaming for over 25 yrs, and what I have found is that some people just suck shit, and certain games (COD being one them) just attracts these shitsuckers like a moth to a flame. As for the "whiny assholes," it's like the saying goes - "those who speak the loudest, often have nothing to say."

Personally when I play online, I abide to a "code" - like Dexter. The code revolves around making the play experience good for everyone, which means I don't talk shit, I don't do unsportsmanlike acts like teabagging, I don't troll or grief players, and when I play on a team, I actually contribute instead of padding my stats or nursing my KDR.

I tried explaining my code to someone I added to my avoid player list (for teabagging) while playing BF3, and he told me I was too uptight and I just need to relax and stop taking things so seriously... Apparently trying to be a descent human being and not ruin the fun for others, is "taking things too seriously..."
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andron666  +   611d ago
Nice post Cod devs.

And the irony in people calling Cod players names and saying they are the scum of the earth is apparently lost on many...
plaZeHD  +   611d ago
A lot of people on the internet need some serious help. I mean come on threatening someone's life, that's not something to joke about.
jakmckratos  +   611d ago
Deal with it...you made a douchetacular game that broskis and children alike love to play an continue to shell out $60 year after year. They're your fans! Too ba you guys couldn't be Naughty DOg or someone respectable.
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