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Ryse: Son of Rome: Mass Combat and the Roman experience

Ryse: Son of Rome is a revenge tale in which the player dons the armor of a legionnaire going to war against those who massacred his family. VG247′s Sam Clay was given a first-hand account of the game at E3. (PJ Esteves, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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edonus  +   268d ago
I cant wait for this game. The more i see the more I like it. I havent been a real graphics whore in a while but this game really makes me want to just look at the details. It really does look amazing.

zerocrossing  +   268d ago
Oh yeah, this. Modern warfare meets ancient Rome.

The game trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome honestly failed to impress me, the graphics are good but the gameplay seems to emphasise pretty much everything that's wrong with AAA gaming.
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edonus  +   268d ago
I don't think judging gameplay on something you havent touch is the most accurate way of coming to a conclusion.

And you personal opinion is your own. I dont find Infamous SS impressive in the least. The main character seems over powered bullet sponge and the attacks look uninspired. Example when he is shooting fireballs from his hands its always the same exact animation this was acceptable this gen but now it looks lazy. Why isnt he adjusting when he shoots or switching hand on the fly his stance and demeanor doesnt really change it really blah. The same 3 hit combo melee attack come on this is a new gen.

Killzone SF.... looks like nothing but a person shooting people. The reactions from the enemies is very standard. I dont see any real will to live. The fodder kills are quick and the so called tougher enemies just absorb more bullets. the owl was cool but the enemy killer instinct is almost non existent.

But these games art finished yet and I havent played them so I dont try and label these games as boring as I see them. I'll appreciate what they have to appreciate until something more solid is available to judge.

And as for RYSE the devs have stated that as you pick up those bonuses and learn more moves the main characters attacks and styles of fight and executions increase making the combat become even more unique.
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spicelicka  +   268d ago
I agree, i don't care how much people complain and whine and nitpick on "omgg quicktime events" because it really is more immersive than it first looked, plus we have barely seen anything but one little demo.

The truth is that it went from being a kinect on-rails game to a full controller based experience and it looks amazingg. If people still have a problem with it they can screw themselves.
thetruthx1  +   268d ago
I can't wait for this to be the 1st game I play on X1
Hufandpuf  +   268d ago
first games on XB1 are BF4, Titanfall, KI, and Ryse. But I'll be getting BF4 first though.
DinoNYC  +   261d ago
Marius Titus is a Roman name (reference to Titus Vespasianus and Gaius Marius) however they present it as a Gaul general as they say he's a legionnaire. A roman general was referred to as a legate/legatus. Quite in fact, I don't believe the term legionnaire was even used until the mid 14th century for a person of a military position. Did these guys do proper research?

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