BioWare considered charging for the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC

Games developer BioWare considered charging for the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC before it was released in June 2012 says BioWare community lead Chris Priestly.

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tigertron1637d ago

That doesn't surprise me, it would have really sent the fans (me included) over the edge.

zeal0us1637d ago

I've done what I done after I finish ME3, moved on.

Bioware, oh how the mighty have fallen.

fossilfern1637d ago

Its not just the ending that bothered me it was the whole game, I dunno why they stll insisted in calling it an RPG. ME2 was very loosely an RPG but ME3 was just a shooter IMO.

mep691637d ago

I couldn't even be bothered to download that. I'm not day oneing any bioware games anymore.

cleft51637d ago

This is one of those bits of information that Bioware would be better off keeping to themselves. There is such a thing as being to honest.

Aloren1628d ago

There is also such a thing as being fired, which is precisely what happened to Priestly. Maybe that's why he's suddenly so honest.

Mr_Nuts1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I wouldn't of paid for that, I mean the extended cut in my opinion was terrible. Just added small non moving scenes and other small things to make it less crappy. You can't polish a turd you know.

If it was a proper DLC going off the Indoctrination Theory where it picks up where Shepard is waking up from his Indoctrination after he has been hit with the laser and we have a massive battle to make sure the galaxy survives adding hours of more gameplay THEN I would of happily paid for it.

FanboyCrusher1637d ago

Yeah that would have went over well.

Roccetarius1637d ago

@fossilfern, it's quite obvious that they were catering to different audiences. Instead of improving on ME1's shortcomings, they removed things entirely.

I still consider the first game the best, even though other people (who started with ME2) thinks otherwise.

baldulf1637d ago

I didnt even wanted it for free.

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