PS4 GUI looks too much like Windows 8

From the article, "Oh no. I’ve been sticking with my old computers because I wanted nothing to do with Windows 8 and it’s strange layout, but it seems it will get me either way. It’s not Microsoft that’s forcing me into a world of boxes though, it’s Sony and the PS4. Sony’s shared more images of the PS4 GUI (graphic user interface) and it’s giving me chills. It’s like I’m looking at Windows 8′s distant cousin, and I don’t like it."

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doctorstrange1703d ago

The last image in that article 'of the PS4 UI' is from the PlayStation App on Tablet, not from the PS4. Note the battery, and the fact that the press release calls it 'tablet'

FullMetalTech1703d ago

Actually your right. It looks more like an app version than an actual ps4 os gui. The battery in the top corner is noticeable.

Einhert1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Yeah like the article says I hate this type of clutter interface with big squares everywhere.

I like nice presented menus that are categorised and simple to navigate.

Doesn't look like the interface shown at E3 though.

tracyllrkn1703d ago

That's the "What's New" section, not the main part. Look up other pictures, because you're confused.

MysticStrummer1703d ago

I miss XMB already. Customizing will be job one.

nevin11703d ago

Any info on how much can we customize?

MysticStrummer1703d ago

I haven't seen anything about that.

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