PS4 GUI looks too much like Windows 8

From the article, "Oh no. I’ve been sticking with my old computers because I wanted nothing to do with Windows 8 and it’s strange layout, but it seems it will get me either way. It’s not Microsoft that’s forcing me into a world of boxes though, it’s Sony and the PS4. Sony’s shared more images of the PS4 GUI (graphic user interface) and it’s giving me chills. It’s like I’m looking at Windows 8′s distant cousin, and I don’t like it."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1579d ago

Year of the box tiles. I hate it.

Kanzes1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

That's not really the actual PS4's UI, I think that's only the Pinterest and the new What's New section.

This is how PS4 Home looks like (+custom background) and that's looks freakin' sexy in my opinion

friedricr1579d ago

i've never seen that pic b4! wow! i hope so! that really does look good!

Kanzes1579d ago


It's the same UI that Sony show to us at PSMeeting, but with custom background (the background's isn't official though). If there's a custom theme available for the OS, it would be looks like that

forcefullpower1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I hope so too as I don't like the windows 8 style look either looks crap.

Good thing I will hopefully spend most my time in a game.

Unless they created this just as a front until they do a full release of what the interface will look like. I.e. like a place holder

Heisenburger1579d ago

Wow. Yeah that is stellar looking.

That is very sexy.

Thank-you for sharing that with us!

latincooker2141579d ago

damn dude were u get that pic from u right it is sexy as hell. heres a bubble for u Kanzes.


Dude that's Awesome, Thanks for the picture!

Xsilvermist1579d ago

This is nice i love this one the most i think the new Ui will work well we just have to use it for our selves.

3-4-51579d ago

Yea I wish this article was more truthful.

This is showing you a PART of it.

JackStraw1579d ago

thank you. jesus. so tired of misinformation.

Cha0tik1579d ago

This is why people need to stop posting these stupid opinion pieces before the actual information is released.

kreate1579d ago

u guys know ps3 UI is customizable right?
u just have to download it via the internet browser.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1579d ago

hopefully, like you said, it's customizable although the other screens do have a hint of "windows8" It looks far more cleaner and less colorful.

miyamoto1578d ago

Yup thats the stuff.


tired of MS misinformation?
Oh there is gonna be more and tons more that is why we are here to destroy MS misinformation campaign with the truth.

Let us remain vigilant and defend the gaming industry from Ms.

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mcstorm1579d ago

I don't think its the year of the boxes but we are now in a time of simple shapes and less fuss.

Look at web sites for example they are all becoming simple with less complex menus ect because a lot more people are using tablets and smart phones to brows the net. Also having a simple clean look looks better on the eye and with more and more people who are not into tech using more tech it makes it easy for them to pickup and use. Even out TV menus are going this way now.

ravinash1579d ago

Facebook could take some tips.

mcstorm1579d ago

@ravinash I agree but then again most people us an app for Facebook I don't ever log into the web site just from my Windows Phone and an App on my Surface RT.

creatchee1579d ago

It's not terrible, but I like it better than XMB. The new UI feels more alive and connected. Still needs a little work but there is time!

Ripsta7th1579d ago

Yea i always hated how the xmb was so simple!! It felt like a psp w features

Gamingisfornerds1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

".... A Sony developer that had been involved in the design of the Playstation 4 GUI stated that they were in fact 'quite charmed by the Metro UI look and feel' and used that as a basis for the design of the Playstation 4 GUI..."

Really? Surprising...though you have to admire Sony for being that honest about this kind of stuff...

cee7731579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Actually it looks like the Sony Bravia TV UI IMO , Ps store looks like it as well.

If you look @ the top it's look as if its Tabs so they evolved XMB :)

Xsilvermist1579d ago i love this looks too sexy i think we just need to have hands on with the GUI to understand it be giving judgement.

1579d ago
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Colzer011579d ago ShowReplies(1)
doctorstrange1579d ago

The last image in that article 'of the PS4 UI' is from the PlayStation App on Tablet, not from the PS4. Note the battery, and the fact that the press release calls it 'tablet'

FullMetalTech1579d ago

Actually your right. It looks more like an app version than an actual ps4 os gui. The battery in the top corner is noticeable.

Einhert1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Yeah like the article says I hate this type of clutter interface with big squares everywhere.

I like nice presented menus that are categorised and simple to navigate.

Doesn't look like the interface shown at E3 though.

tracyllrkn1579d ago

That's the "What's New" section, not the main part. Look up other pictures, because you're confused.

MysticStrummer1579d ago

I miss XMB already. Customizing will be job one.

nevin11579d ago

Any info on how much can we customize?

MysticStrummer1579d ago

I haven't seen anything about that.

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