Why Doesn’t Sony Announce Original Programming As Well?

Sony will have a great revenue stream come PS4 release time. Why not offer original programming too?

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wastedcells1639d ago

Ya they did at E3. They also said there will be streaming available. So this article is pointless no.

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Dee_911639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Despite the fact Sony did announce original programing at e3, this comment from the article shows just how little this blogger knows
"Forza could make for a Fast and the Furious style drama as could Project Gotham Racing"
Yea... this article is a waste of bandwidth

I applaud your immaturity .Sums up the people who "thumb" down facts.

Dee_911639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


HammadTheBeast1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Did someone miss the 10 minute speech by Sony Entertainment?

Also, I think Sony could also pull off putting in movies for free with PS+. I'd pay $50 for PS+ with blu-ray quality Spiderman, Breaking Bad etc. every month on PS4.

theWB271639d ago

These consoles, despite the difference in power, are alike more than the fans care to realize.

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Sleepless1639d ago

An extra 10 to play online....

I guess you havent had an Xbox ever....its 35 eur for 12 months if you buy it on ebay and other websites. Thats just common knowledge, you fanboy.

JunioRS1011639d ago

I would rather Sony NOT incorporate TV aspects into their console.

I speak for every Playstation gamer when I say:

We want all the focus on great games. We have cable boxes, and computers. We don't have an absolutely relevant video game console.

extermin8or1638d ago

Well if they add tv features as a second thought then whatever, I want Iplayer and such but otherwise I couldn't care less lol I have preordered it to play games..

LackTrue4K1639d ago

lol....this articale is weak!!!

there just trolling and expecting Sony to do the same as Microsoft did! haha....
"Gamers support Sony, Sony supports gamers"

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iamnsuperman1639d ago

"I believe Sony should do an entertainment blowout Netflix style"

Well they could but I don't think having Uncharted shows is the way to go. Sony has made a payable service viable with the instant game collection. It is fantastic. What they could do is start offering free/reduced movies from their own studios. I do not know how it could work with distribution in regards to their TV shows but for films is could work quite easily

HammadTheBeast1639d ago

They have something going on the PS Store with movies and TV, I just never bothered to look at it.

Geezus1639d ago

i think they did they just didnt go into details they said it would come from their studios or something

WeAreLegion1639d ago

Thank you for remaining unbiased in every article. I absolutely love that!

FlameHawk1639d ago

No thanks, with the money they would use for the show, they can use the money to make a game or help out indies etc.

satam551639d ago

To be honest, i'd rather see blockbuster film adaptions of Sony's 1st & 2nd party IPs. And it looks like that's what they're trying to do with "Uncharted", Ratchet & Clank", & "Gran Turismo".

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