Killer Instinct: Behind the Music at PAX Aus

Capsule Computers: "Easily the best panel I attended at PAX Australia 2013 was Killer Instinct: Behind the Music. There are many reasons for this: the 17 year long absence of Killer Instinct in our lives, that nostalgia and fondness for the 90′s, the charisma and passion of Mick Gordon, the composer of the new Killer Instinct‘s soundtrack and host of the panel, and the plain bad-ass-ness (that should really be a word!) of the music of Killer Instinct! This is a game that so many have patiently – and sometimes impatiently – waited for what seems an eternity in gamer years. It’s unfortunate that we can’t share the visual and aural elements of this presentation to you, but we will relay to you the process Mick walked us through in recreating such an iconic soundtrack."

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