Moore: 'Softness' on EA Sports pre-orders due to next-gen, will be alleviated

EA Sports is recording soft pre-orders on current-gen games in the next-gen run-up, but according to brand president Peter Moore that's "as anticipated" and "as planned." Moore added he expects a boost closer to the Xbox One and PS4 hitting retail shelves, as consumers realize there may not be enough next-gen hardware to go around initially.

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MiasmaDodo1822d ago

Not many will reserve a sports game.

I love FIFA so I reserved mines for PS4

MonChiChi1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Umm Madden says hello. If you mean not many will reserve a sports game for next gen launch then I can somewhat understand.

MiasmaDodo1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

well I was replying to the article
"Soft-reservations for sports games"

Many have reserved GTA5, AC4,WatchDogs, BF4, CODG etc...
for PS3/360 and Next Gen
but are not flocking to do so with Sports games...

3-4-51822d ago

Last Gen transition EX:

Fifa 07 for regular Xbox was amazing.

Fifa 07 for Xbox 360 was arguably one of the worst soccer/football games ever made. It lacked quality and was buggy and lacked content.

I'm not getting a PS4 or XB1 right away so my next Fifa game will be Fifa 12 Xbox 360, or PES 2014 xbox360.

MiasmaDodo1822d ago


I understand being wary of next gen titles.

I actually have confidence in the FIFA team, and will be taking a risk for PS4.

Madden, NBA Live, even 2k14 Im a little wary at the moment of

CalvinKlein1822d ago

I dont buy many sports games but I reserved the 100$ version of madden from amazon. Will get a game and save 260$ on NFL sunday ticket.

sigfredod1822d ago

Sorry EA if you insist on charge more for your games i will not getting any of your games at launch, simply as that, your pre order numbers already reflect that

dikturbo1822d ago

I haven't bought an EA Sports game since they made an exclusive with every notable sports league and crushed any opportunity of competition. Compounded that they continue to put out the same game year over year this generation, I'll speak with my wallet (like many others have figured out) and buy something innovative.