Bayonetta 2: Returning with a Few Surprises

Gi - Bayonetta 2 is bringing the familiar seductive form of the title character back to televisions everywhere with a few new surprises in 2014. With gorgeous imagery and the return of the sexy title character, the game promises to give fans more of what they love when it comes to the series; a sexy character and the chance to take their aggression out on twisted creatures with all sorts of weapons…and flexibility. Bayonetta now features a serious new change to her wardrobe and signature hairstyle. While the shorter hair style does gives her a more mature look, Nintendo promises that it will not be the end to her hair-based attacks. Bayonetta also gets to keep her signature guns but with a new series of viciously stylish moves.

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thomasmiller1675d ago

this is going to be one of the best games ever!!I cannot wait to play it!!



MestreRothN4G1675d ago

NO! Don't do it, so next games will be multiplat. hehe

On a serious note, the first one is really great and on easy difficulty can be played by casuals and friends. Hope you WiiU owners have fun with your damn exclusive sequel.

DarkBlood1675d ago

your just pissed because you dont plan on getting a wiiu so therefore wont get to own bayonetta 2 "YOUR LOSS SIR"

NihonjinChick1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

This game wasn't multi plat because nobody else but Nintendo wanted to touch it.

RFornillos41675d ago

if it's not a hit on the Wii U, what are the guarantees that there will ever be a 3rd one, when this one already took a Nintendo to save it?

all i'm saying is that your logic of "don't do it, so next game will be multiplat", is well flawed. but then again i know you're just joking, so that's ok.

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TripC501675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It's never going to any other console no matter how well or poorly it's supported by Wii U owners. You do know that right?

MestreRothN4G1675d ago

We know nothing about Bayonetta 3, though.

dubal-e1675d ago

Day 1 download for me.