Why Killzone Mercenary Is My Favourite Entry Since Killzone 2 (Hands-On Preview) - The Koalition

Gary Swaby at writes: My initial reaction after hearing of another Killzone game did little to get me enthusiastic. I tend to enjoy Killzone games most of the time, but too much of anything is a bad thing. Regardless, the fact remains that my Vita has sat neglected since the last game I had dedicated myself to playing (Soul Sacrifice), so how could I knock Sony and Guerrilla Cambridge's offer to provide more content for the platform. After actually getting some hands-on with the game, I can now say that I am more than enthusiastic about Killzone Mercenary.

Killzone Mercenary is set somewhere between the first and second games, and this time around you assume the role as a mercenary hired by ISA to do some of their dirty work as they invade Helghan forces. It's a simple scenario that works fantastically well on a system that is designed to be literally picked up and played at the gamers convenience. There's not too much information to digest, it's just you, your g...

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MrKennedy1817d ago

This is a great article about why Killzone Mercenary is your favourite entry since Killzone 2.

zpoc1817d ago

this is a great n4g gimmick account

die_fiend1817d ago

This isn't Killzone Shadow Fall

GABRIEL10301817d ago

Because I can kill ISA in campaign and multiplayer.....

mafiahajeri1817d ago

Send the damn beta codes already!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1817d ago

Wait, wasn't there only one game since Killzone 2 (killzone 3?). That doens't sounds like much of an achievement.

SIRHC131817d ago

I'm hyped. My Vita is literally collecting dust as I write this, it could definitely use a new Killzone.