BioWare: Dragon Age Saves 'Absolutely Come Across' to Inquisition

Gameranx: "Player decisions in past games 'will matter' in Inquisition."

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Lucreto1819d ago

Good to hear they plan on something for PS4 and Xbox one transfers.

I would like a release of the first 2 games but the save transfer will do.

darkness6251819d ago

Uh huh sure it will. I don't believe that is true after DA2 and ME3. We'll see until it's out.

Roccetarius1819d ago

Yeah, this is pretty much a seperate game as well. The saves will have little meaning, if anything at all.

JAMurida1819d ago

Hopefully it will have more impact and meaning instead of just getting a codex or a small appearance/side quest in Dragon Age 2 if you imported a fully completed save from DA: O, (including all carry over DLC).

Nexus381819d ago

Yea they said the same about me3 and look how that turned out

FrightfulActions1819d ago

Uh huh. Because they've never lied about that before.

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