Xbox One: Everything We Know

Kotaku - The Xbox One won't be out until this November, but details about Microsoft's next-gen console have been hitting hot and heavy for the past couple of months. So for your convenience, we're rounding up all of that information and putting it right here.

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TheRealHeisenberg1700d ago

I know I'm not buying it until it is $300.00 USD or less.

rigbybot1271700d ago

Well, you're certainly not cheap.

Einhert1700d ago

Oh yes he is very cheap and very stupid to be waiting for a good price drop when all the systems best games will probably be out, probably with discounts of their own.

What a silly notion to be patient.

darthv721700d ago

what i want to know is.....

will other colors be available? Black is so common but something flashy like red or a deep green would be really catching.

Granted those colors may not blend into a home theater setup but I dont have the usual HT environment.

I guess i could always customize mine to suit my needs if they just stick to the one model.

FITgamer1700d ago

Cheap indeed. He probably splits 2-ply toilet paper into separate rolls.

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Stsonic1700d ago

This is something Walter white would say, not the great Heisenberg.

FITgamer1700d ago

Considering it's launching a $500 and $300 is your price point. You'll be getting it in 4 or 5 years, have fun waiting.

Typical-Guy1700d ago

The best things are
1- No DRM
2- Plays Used games
3- Region-free console... That's an amazing thing to do. I never understood the idea of region locking...

shibster881700d ago

Pffft ps4 for me, they tick every box for me been a 360 user for 6/7 years, just think I need a change

Rockxy1700d ago

xbox one. need xbox one. love xbox one =>_<=

Thomper1700d ago

that was a bit on a non article....completely wasted battery life on that...booooo ;0)