Square Enix still "wouldn't say no" to a Western-developed Final Fantasy spin-off

RPG Site says: "Ever since evidence leaked of a cancelled Western-developed Final Fantasy XII spin-off, online conversation about a potential Western take on the series has been intense. The talk is even referenced in recent Square Enix release Deus Ex: The Fall, where an optional email viewable on a computer declares the latest FF deserves to be Game of the Year 2027 - "Giving it back to a Japanese developer was the right move," the email winks.

When RPG Site got a chance to interview Final Fantasy Brand Director & Producer Shinji Hashimoto earlier this month we asked him his opinion on a potential East-meets-West development - and he's still clear that he - and the company - haven't ruled it out entirely."

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Donnieboi1764d ago

Oh Square...wth? Well, at least it only says "Spin-off".

zeal0us1764d ago

If they do hopefully it will be a developer that has a history with making RPGs

3-4-51764d ago

It would be GREAT for another developer to get a hold of the FF franchise and do something interesting with it.

It could possible be the spark that ignites the future of FF games.

BlaqMagiq241764d ago

Nope I don't even want a western-developed spin-off. Final Fantasy is JRPG series through and through and that would tarnish its name completely.

Donnieboi1764d ago

I agree. But if they do it anyway, at least test out that western studios skill by delegating them to some spin-off first. We don't want some untested, foreign (western), studio messing with a series that is traditionally developed in Japan, where JRPG's flourish. Not a whole lot of western studios even dabble in making JRPG style of RPG games.

BlaqMagiq241764d ago


Yeah I see what you're saying. It's just that certain Japanese franchises in the hands of western devs just seemed to go downhill this gen. Maybe Square will surprise me. I actually want them to.

Mr_Nuts1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

They'll do a Capcom, be cheap b******* and get a crappy dev to do it.

Even still they think the solution to their problems lie in the west but they don't. I feel like they don't want to admit theirs a problem with themselves and what they've been doing lately (typical Japanese company, too proud to admit their in the wrong) and would rather try to blame other things. Like now...trying to make it seem like it's because their games aren't western enough even though they've been letting western devs influence their own games for years....probably why FF13 and other games from them have sucked so much

j-blaze1764d ago

i want this westernizing thing to die seriously

TheTwelve1764d ago

Square Enix still wants so badly to be American. Sooooo badly.

AsheXII1764d ago

You clearly havent read the article. Its pretty obvious they are reluctant.

TheTwelve1764d ago

Did you?

"Series Brand Director and Producer Hashimoto is evidently more optimistic and perhaps more open-minded about the possibility, even after the failure of Fortress. He's also been involved with East-West collaborations before with the largely unsuccessful Front Mission Evolved."

AsheXII1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Read what they actually said, rather than an editor's note.

"I wouldn't say no straight away!"

"It depends on the proposal and everything, though, of course," he elaborated. "Obviously Final Fantasy is traditionally a Japanese game, so it would really just depend on how discussion goes. But, yes - if any Western studio actually approached us, we'd of course think about it."

"I don't know why, but one of the things about Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is that they're very unique - it's a very unique proposition that we have," "I think that's why it's quite difficult for people to approach us with such ideas."

Seems like a polite way to say "no", if they wanted "soooo badly" to be Americans they wouldn't have been so hesitating.

Godmars2901764d ago

It will however likely sabotage it.

Nevermind that Square Enix doesn't even know what the "final" in Final Fantasy even means.

guitarded771764d ago

I'm trying to think of one Western dev that would do a good job, and I can't think of any.

N4GDgAPc1764d ago


You might know but what final really means squaresoft thought it was there last game. They made a good profit on Final Fantasy it kept them in business.

Godmars2901764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Well duh. Anyone who doesn't know that shouldn't be commenting here.

But the thing is that in FF1 and up to FF10, whether or not they hinted that there was more to be told, told their stories in one encapsulating installment. Then FF10-2 continued it's story in an offbeat if not wholly wrong direction which generally failed to build on the prior's loose strings, and FF12's story played out like a medium sized adventure which took place on a much larger world. Now with FF13 we have a largely incoherent tale which has been watered down beyond any real meaning or cohesion from what came before because of direct sequels. And S/E only sees this as a good thing.

No one should care if a company which makes its money through story telling through games if it can no longer make a game which tells a story.

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