Smartphones and tablets taking the game away from Playstation, Xbox

The duel for survival, scoring goals in an international soccer match, chasing goons or racing cars may still pump adrenaline for kids and young adults, but are played more on smartphones and tablets than gaming consoles.

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MysticStrummer1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Not with me they aren't. I have some puzzle and strategy games on my phone but rarely play them. For me phones and tablets, hell even Vita style handheld gaming, will never replace my console. At most they will compliment something I'm playing on my console.

shivvy241703d ago


Bigpappy1703d ago

Seriously, that can't be the story. What's the real story. I refuse to give it a hit because I see this as a hit seeker.

Hicken1703d ago


No matter how many times you repeat it, it won't make it reality.

So stop it.

FRAKISTAN1703d ago

This was not true 2 years ago when we first started hearing it and this is not true today

kayoss1703d ago

I hate articles like this. Do you actually think that Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft would not try to jump onto the smartphone and tablet gaming if it was taking over? Why would game developers ask for more power for the next gen console if what the article say was true?
There are over 2000 new games released for the IOS and Androids but how many of those are big hits? Tablet and smartphone games are released in massive quantitty but it is very rare to have one mega hit such as angry bird, candy crush, etc...

Enemy1703d ago

Lol there's a reason these games cost $1 or are free. It's silly to even compare them to real console games.

The_Sneauxman1703d ago

If anything smartphones and tablets will support consoles with new integration with the next-gen consoles! example: Battlefield 4 commander mode

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The story is too old to be commented.