Mobile Devices Going All Out - Nvidia's Next-Gen Ira & Island Demos Running On Project Logan

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia promises to redefine mobile gaming - and what gamers can expect from mobile devices - with its next-generation mobile system chip that is based on Kepler, Project Logan. In order to showcase what next-gen mobile devices will be able to achieve, the green team has released videos of its Ira and Island tech demos, running in real-time on a reference tablet."

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leogets1697d ago

graphics mean nothing without decent gameplay and control over the character. something which mobile gaming lacks servearly...

Kurylo3d1697d ago

I dont know about that. Im hearing that new deus ex game on mobile is awesome.

Plus a touch screen does at times offer added benefit over a controller... think about blocking an guys punch by tapping on his hand as its coming at u.. so u can reverse it. Lots of potential. :p