Contrast Dev: "Very Little Difference Between Versions on PS4 and High End PC"

"It's often been the case that the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One for that matter, won't be as powerful as the most high-end PCs. Of course, given the architecture and how easy it is to developer for the PS4 compared to the PS3, it would make multi-platform development all the easier for the next generation."

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MariaHelFutura1486d ago

Great news is what the Ps4 does. Seriously, everything you hear about the console is positive.

Bathyj1486d ago

A far cry from the ps3s launch. Its been an incredible turnaround for peoples perception of Sony. They just seems to be ticking every box.

hellvaguy1486d ago

Well besides mandatory paid online. But its really not too terribly expensive.

malokevi1486d ago

What it does, it does great. However, there are a few things it doesn't do, which adds credence to the competition.

andibandit1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Youre all reading way to much into this....

First of all the article should read:

Indie Game "Contrast" will look almost the same on PS4 and High end PC.

Second of all we can begin to question why that is. Is it because:

1. PS4 is as powerful as a high end PC?.
Answer = LOL

2. Is it because it's a indie game, that could hardly stress a high end PC?.
Answer = Perhaps

3. Is it because Sam Abbot is the PR manager at Compulsion games and dosn't want to downplay either version.
Answer = Bingo

Now dont get me wrong i have my PS4 preordered, but im not gonna loose all sense of criticism because of it.

JunioRS1011486d ago

@ hellvaguy

Well, I'd actually rather pay for online multiplayer this time around so that they can actually raise some money to work on making their service faster/more dependable etc.

It seems like a very reasonable policy. After all, I've been paying $60/year for XBL for the last 6 years, so it'll be nice to cancel that and pick up PS+, which is clearly a better value, and in my opinion might even become the better service if Sony invests the raised PS+ funds into it.

Thehyph1486d ago

@andibandit got it.

@JunioRS101 got it, too.

PS4 is not going to be more powerful than a good PC, although the hardware consistency allows for developers to get more out of a PS4 than if you had a PC with the exact same specs. A high or top end PC will always have more raw power to put out though.

I'm perfectly fine with paying to play online. I expected, and wanted, it to happen. Anything to make the service better. I'm not saying it was bad to begin with, but it definitely needed improvement. This benefits the consumer in another way in that Sony is now more accountable for anything that could happen in terms of outages and whatnot.

AuToFiRE1486d ago

I highly doubt its as powerful as a "High End PC." The specs shown at E3 would deliver 1.6 teraFLOPS while my 2 generation old graphics card ALONE still pumps out over 6 teraFLOPS

meetajhu1485d ago

It's a indie platformer and Ps4 image quality will be poor compared to PC.

RedHawkX1485d ago

yep thats why i dont understand why some people are getting an xbox one instead. it boggles my mind and xbox one is the one with a bazillion bad things about it.

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Corpser1486d ago

Would it be great news if he said "very little difference between versions on ps4 and Xbox one?

Smoovekid1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Why are you bringing the Xbox One into this?

dc11486d ago

It would be better news.

Competition is always a good thing. The XBox Two is very likely to be much more performance orientated because of the associated criticisms at the One's architecture and lack of targeted high end graphic rendering (not my words, but MS's).

The 360 came out like gang busters because of previous lessons learned on the OXBox as well as building/improving on what made the PS2 dominant.

The PS3 services improved because MS had there stuff together with the 360. Sony couldn't just match them. They had to surpass expectations (PSPlus) to present a compelling argument (as there was none before) and to change the narrative at the time.

The PS4 (general launch experience and general perception) improved because Sony learned some hard lessons.

The XBox Two (general launch experience and general perception) will improve as well because MS will learn from prior mistakes as well.

MysticStrummer1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

"Would it be great news if he said "very little difference between versions on ps4 and Xbox one?"

It wouldn't be any kind of news, since parity is the name of the game with console multiplats.

Corpser1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )


Because people here would have the opposite reaction. Ps4 fanboys want developers to take advantage of ps4 when compare to xb1, but don't want to heAr pc version looks better than ps4

MasterCornholio1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Your hoping for him to say that or something?

This is just my opinion but developers should maximize the hardware on each platform. If console A is capable of rendering much better graphics than console B then i dont expect the two versions of the game to be the same. But if a super powerful console is limited by a vastly inferior one then the only ones who suffer are those that made the investment in the more powerful system which is unfair to me.

NeoTribe1486d ago

Would it be great news if he said "very little difference between versions on xbox one and wii u"?

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Lior1486d ago

A low end AMD CPU and a low end GPU do not compare in any way to a high end CPU like a i7 4770k and a GPU like a gtx 770 or 780

wishingW3L1486d ago

and again you can't compare PC and consoles like that due to the fact that PC developers can't program to the metal, so most of that power of that high-end GPU will remain untouched.

HammadTheBeast1486d ago

Planetside 2 Max settings PS4.


badz1491486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )


don't take this the wrong way but you're being a dick! Steam statistics has shown that majority of pc gamers on Steam are on middle range setup! don't just come in here listing the highest end of cards available out there and pretend that all pc gamers have the same setup!

back on topic, what this Contrast dev is saying is, his game doesn't need thousands of dollars of a pc to be optimized. that is all!

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1486d ago

You seem butthurt, have a snickers it will make you feel better. Anyway your disagreeing with developer that knows what he is talking about.

Joe9131486d ago

Who cares are your feelings hurt because he compared the next gen consoles to a high end pc. You must be a dev too or and has had first-hand experience with both of the next gen consoles right that’s how you know more about the next gen then this dev right lol are you trying to be a dick or are you trying to get ppl to game on pc instead of a console because I don't think it will work. Like I said before if that was such a huge factor I think more ppl would be gaming on computers and not consoles right. I really want to know why pc gamers come to these articles and try to sway ppl to game on pc or to try and trash console gaming IMO it is stupid I don’t get on pc website much do console gamers get on pc websites and bitch about how console gaming is better or is it only pc gamers that do that lol pathetic.

MasterCornholio1486d ago

Try playing Planetside 2 at max settings on a computer with a weak GPU and a Weak CPU and see what happens.

NeoTribe1486d ago

You must feel threatened coming out with a whiny comment like that. Go play minecraft.

Eldyraen1486d ago

Specs matter but games>specs. I game on PC as primary platform ATM but the article is right as nearly all PS4 games look as good or better than at least 75% of PC games of today. When it releases that might change though as new engines scale better (both up and down) so PC will see even better looking games as well.

To be honest I would be happy if many PC games looked as good as Killzone 3 or Infamous SS. We have some that look better but not all devs can afford or attempt that level of quality. When they do yes its usually better but that's the minority to be honest.

andibandit1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )


"Anyway your disagreeing with developer that knows what he is talking about."

Sam Abbot is not a developer, he is the Public Relations Manager at Compulsion Games.....and the last thing he is gonna go out and say as PR manager is: our game on X totally sucks compared to our game on Y

Metfanant1485d ago

And here comes Lior, another butt hurt PC fanboy that either A. Can't read or B. Simply can't comprehend what they are reading...

Once again NOBODY has said that the PS4 is more powerful than high end gaming rigs...yet the PC nut bags come running in here like their hair is on fire screaming about $600+ gpu's that cost more than an entire PS4 and how much more powerful they are than thr "low end cpu" and "low end GPU" found in the PS4...

Yet they all fail to realize that no by is arguing against them...and that there is NO WAY they could build a $400 complete PC that can match the specs/performance of a PS4

kikizoo1485d ago

Theory =/= real world

Even ps3 after 10 years can make games on par with best pc games, so for ps4, it would be ZERO problem.

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ATi_Elite1486d ago

Contrast Dev: “Very Little Difference Between Versions on PS4 and High End PC”

So they made the game for the PS4 then ported to the PC. FACT.

I don't see a lot of bells and whistles in Contrast anyway. Right Now Arma 3 is the god of graphics and the upcoming StarCitizen will eclipse Arma 3.

Contrast is about as Graphical as America's McGee's Alice. (which was a fun game)

Metfanant1485d ago

There is no FACT that this is a PS4->PC port...what IS fact however is thay this game is not a technical tour de force and should run very similarly on a PC and a PS4...

Pain1486d ago

Compare a Console to a PC and in come the PC trolls.. and moron Xbots .. this generation is going to be full of idiots.. more so then the last.. fun times ahead all..