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MiasmaDodo1737d ago

sick of these gimmicks aimed at 13 yr olds.

give me Saints Row 2's sequel...a true sequel

N7Lukas1737d ago

Pretty much exactly what i was about to say.

Only so much toilet humor we can take until it becomes stale,

cleft51737d ago

Saints Row 2 was a great game but it really did suffer a lot from coming off as a GTA clone. I understand why some people don't like Saints Row 3, but I think Volition made the right move to go into this insane sandbox world.

The reality is that they where never going to out GTA Rockstar. So instead of following in the shadow of a giant game, they offered a completely different experience that was focused more around insane fun.

If you want a serious open world game that is going to be fun, then you should just buy GTA5 which looks great. I plan on getting GTA5 and SR4. Both of these games will offer fun different experiences. The best of both worlds, so why look down on one when you can just get them both and having an amazing experience.

MiasmaDodo1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I never saw SR as competition for GTA.
I played,bought, and loved both games.
One I was "visiting" gritty NY
and in the other I was "visiting" Texas LoL

I bought SR when it was exclusive to 360.
Bought SR2 day 1 on PS3

SR3 was garbage compared to the 1st SR on every level.

RGDubz1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

@ cleft5

GTA started as a clone itself, don't start sounding like a fanboy now.. SR2 out did San Andreas and a big reason is it has current-gen controls in the options & it's the closest game to San Andreas we've had this-gen, only feature it really lacked was variety in the terrain it had some but not as much as San Andreas, but the 2 player story co-op & lively world more then made up for it so don't say they can't out "GTA" Rockstar because they did.. I sank way more hours into Saints Row 2, even though I played the hell out of both.

Also for those who don't know, Saints Row 1 was never intended to be exclusive to Xbox, it became exclusive after they failed porting it to the PS2, they couldn't get it to run properly on the PS2.

TheGrimOfDeath1737d ago

Congratulations on having your own opinion.

hankmoody1737d ago

Am I the only one who cracked up after reading that headline? You gotta admit, that's pretty funny stuff.

shadowwizard1737d ago

So it's one month before launch of the game, we already have Season Pass and at least one BIG DLC that is pretty much completed, since it's from Saint's Row The Third. Yup, sorry SR, but I'm not buying half game again after debacle of SR3. Too bad pretty much everybody will forget you about a month after release, GTA V got me covered.

Starbucks_Fan1737d ago

My number one request for this game is to add Pokemon <_<

Einhert1737d ago


Childhoods would be destroyed on a global scale

aliengmr1737d ago

Tell GTAV not to forget its top hat and monocle.

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