Will GTA V For The PC Launch in April/May 2014?

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most anticipated titles in our current generation of gaming. Rockstar is known for always delivering top-notch quality games (from the entire GTA franchise, to Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 etc.) so it’s only fair that pretty much every gamer out there wants to experience the publisher’s titles.

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JustPlay41548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I was hopeing for a little soon then that. I was thinking around February or March of 2014 not like thats much different then April/May but the sooner the better.

aquamala1548d ago

I own current gen consoles too but I rather play this on PC

steve30x1548d ago

I preordered GTAV for my PS3 but I would prefer play GTA V on my Gaming PC

GDDR6_20141548d ago

No doubt it's coming to pc, I rather wait for the best version

ATi_Elite1548d ago

8 Months I hope and it better AVOID Star Citizen cause once StarCitizen Launches....ALL GAMES will CEASE to exist.

Looking forward to GTAV but I can really wait a while and especially wait for proper patches if going by GTA PC version History.

I know the Glorious Mod Community can't wait to get their hands on GTAV.

Yukicore1548d ago

I have no problems waiting for the game on PC NOW, but when it will be released on consoles... damnn... raining spoilers and temptations.

RedDeadLB1548d ago

That's a HELL of a long time.

Nafon1548d ago

That's what i thought when GTA V was delayed from this spring to this fall

My_Outer_Heaven1548d ago

Pathetic stretch of time! If it takes them that long to release a more superior graphical version on PC then it shouldn't be to difficult to port the game on PS4!

Plagasx1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Please god no. Please don't force me to play this on outdated consoles Rockstar!

steve30x1548d ago

They aren't force you to play it on consoles. Its your choice to wait or play on console.

Plagasx1548d ago

This is too big of a game to wait 7 more months for...

steve30x1548d ago

It still doesn't mean you are being forced to play it on a console. That is entirely your decision. They aren't holding a gun to your head and telling you to do so,

steve30x1547d ago

I am relaxed. I was just pointing out that its not true that anybody is being forced to do anything and that its entirely their decision.

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DoctorJones1548d ago

I'll be happy playing it on my ps3 until it does release on pc. Then I can enjoy it again with improved graphics and mods.

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