Nvidia's Project Logan Brings PC Graphics to Smartphones and Tablets

Though the first Tegra 4-enabled devices like the Shield have yet to hit the market, Nvidia is already trumping its next-generation mobile processor, codenamed Project Logan. Today the company revealed that its upcoming mobile chip will utilize the same Kepler graphics architecture found in its latest desktop and laptop GPUs, bringing graphics that exceed PS3 and rival current PCs to smartphones and tablets.

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mrmancs1795d ago

But but, what about my twenty grand PC I built!!!? Waaaaaa.....

Godz Kastro1795d ago

Wow.. with consoles around the corner not a good sign. MS, I hope your cloud is what you say it is!

1795d ago
sourav931795d ago

The most exciting part about this is you need not have a Kepler-based/Nvidia graphics card to be able to use this technology.

Bobbo441795d ago

That doesn't even make sense... You're essentially saying you have to have an NVidia chip to use an NVidia chip? This post is about the new tablets coming out with Nvidia Tegra chips built in. That doesn't require purchasing anything further to use... except with Shield if you want to stream games.

sourav931795d ago

No, I said that you "need not have a Kepler-based/Nvidia graphics card", which means you can use can get this tech with an AMD card as well. I read about it this morning on forbes, where Tim Sweeney, founder of epic games, gave a comment.

"Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games – a studio widely recognized for the graphics engine powering hundreds of games across multiple platforms — says that their next-generation Unreal Engine 4 is successfully running on Project Logan, and is “just a taste of what mobile Kepler will make possible. More than ever before, we see the opportunity for developers to create high-end games and ship them across multiple platforms on a wide variety of devices, including tablet, smartphone, Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” Sweeney explained."

So since he mentioned PS4 and XBONE, that justifies my earlier comment. I think you probably just misread what I wrote.

Ron_Danger1795d ago

And your phone's battery will be drained 3 minutes in to any of the games that use it

Fishy Fingers1795d ago

"Most importantly, Nvidia says Project Logan is energy-efficient, capable of running at levels within "the mobile power envelope" and even at one-third the wattage of current tablet GPUs, such as the A6X processor found in Apple's iPad."

Reading. Underrated.

Anonagrog1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Mobile Kepler is rated at 2-3 watts. The original 8800gtx that they compare it to was rated at around 160 watts. Not bad in my eyes.

boikanyo1795d ago

nvidia is tryng so hard 2 be everywhre coz AMD tuk its hot spot making deals with sony,microsoft and nintendo...

SonyNGP1795d ago

Lol yeah. They should just stick with making hardware for an irrelevant platform lololol


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