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Media Create hardware sales (7/15 - 7/21)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. (3DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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bicfitness  +   854d ago
PSV > Wii U

Just for the sake of comparison the two most recently released IPs - Touikiden vs Pikimin 3 - the former trumps the latter in its first few weeks on sale. That's just the PSV sku too. Touikiden is now almost at 200K (PSV SKU).

Next week Wii U < 11K, guaranteed. Possibly even sub 10K. I would be very surprised if it hits 12K. So I guess we can now lay to rest the "Pikimin is a system-seller theory"? Oh, Wii U crossed 1 million in Japan though, so there is that to celebrate.

P.S. Why is M&L 4 so low? That's half the opening of the last entry.
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boybato  +   854d ago
IP fatigue, me be?
windblowsagain  +   854d ago
Nintendo should just make games.
knifefight  +   854d ago
Hey bicfitness, remember last week, when everyone was telling us we were nuts to downplay the "huge" factor of a 22k week?

Welp, here we are, with Wii-U right back down to 15k, which is abysmal for a system that's under a year old.

For reference, the those are about the same numbers the 3DS was putting up when everyone was mocking it (leading to the price drop). They were bad numbers then, and they're bad numbers now.

I like Nintendo, I like the Wii-U, and I *hope* things turn around, but guys, let's look at reality here. These numbers are not good and this system is not out of the woods.
bicfitness  +   854d ago
Yes, I remember. Waiting for Poprocks to make an appearance in this thread lol. I don't hate the Wii U, I just think that Nintendo critically mismanaged and planned the project. Anything from here on out is pure life support.
Theyellowflash30  +   854d ago
Yet it outsold the PS3. Don't damage control the situation.
knifefight  +   854d ago
No one cares about Wii U versus PS3. The PS3 is 7 years old. The Wii-U has been out in Japan for 7 months.

The PS3 should not be expected to outsell the Wii-U at all. The fact that it has happened so often is partially telling of PS3 success, but also partially telling of Wii-U under-performance so far.

I love when people are like "Yeah well it outsold the PS3!" like that means something.
"Yeah but this 25-year-old soccer player scored more goals this year than this other 43-year-old guy did!" Yeah, um, that's kind of to be expected?

Also, people keep saying things about Wii-U versus Vita, but that's not what's going on here. They're both struggling, but they're not really fighting for the same money.

My saying that the Wii-U is selling badly is NOT the same as saying the Vita is selling well. Vita is not selling well. I didn't say that it was. This is not console war BS trash talk, this is numerical evaluation and discussion without fanboy flame crap thrown in. Or at least that's what some of us are trying for....
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LOL_WUT  +   854d ago
But yet the Vita outsold the Wii U... Watch Pikmin 3 sales dip too when the sales figures pop up ;)

Edit: Pikmin sales dropped 70% ;)

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chadboban  +   854d ago
Um not that I disagree, I didn't really expect Pikmin 3 to be a system seller all on it's own, but are you seriously gonna brag that Vita sold less than 200 more units than the Wii U. That is a very small margin there and seems kind of a petty thing to boast about.

Regardless of how you spin it, they're both doing badly.
bicfitness  +   854d ago
When Vita has a major release it spikes up to 50-70K and drops off to a baseline of 20ish for a few weeks. Wii U went up, then came right down. And Vita is selling better than the Wii U, according to Nintendo's own charts (look it up). They're both in dire straits, but the Wii U is certainly doing worse. Vita hasn't had a major release for over a month, if I recall. Dragon's Crown and Mind-O are out soon, watch the jump next week.
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browngamer41  +   854d ago
3DS>Vita, shouldn't that be what we're talking about? Why are we comparing handheld sales to consoles especially in the handeld dominated Japan- WiiU was still the best selling home console so what's your point?
bicfitness  +   854d ago
Wii U barely outselling 8 year old hardware (PS3). Yeah that's a real story /sarcasm. The Wii U and Vita are most commonly referred to as struggling systems so I see no fault in comparing them.
browngamer41  +   854d ago
Again your argument holds no water, so because everybody else wrongly compares the sales of two entirely different experiences(one home, the other on the road) it makes it right to do so? if everybody else jumped of a bridge would you do the same..oh wait what am I talking you'd probably be comparing the bridge to the water (water>bridge)..
PopRocks359  +   854d ago
Here I am bic. Ya miss me?


That was you a week ago pal. You were right, Wii U sales did fall after but not nearly as quickly as you anticipated. Next time I hope your crystal ball has a new pair of batteries. You may say you don't hate Wii U, but you definitely love predicting excessively (and in some respects unrealistically) low sales forecasts for it.

"Wii U barely outselling 8 year old hardware (PS3). Yeah that's a real story /sarcasm. The Wii U and Vita are most commonly referred to as struggling systems so I see no fault in comparing them."

PS2 and Wii were outselling PS3 for how long? Not to mention the 3DS is still destroying the Vita. Remember the 3DS? It's only, you know, the platform with which it's in direct competition.
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bicfitness  +   854d ago
I was off by 4K. My mistake. Should we look at your estimations for how Wii U sales were to turn out? That's right, you don't make any. You just protest with grossly overinflated cheerleading absent of any factual basis whatsoever. The sales declined, significantly, as I said that they would. They'll be at 10K again SOON ENOUGH. Mark my words and what have you. The Wii U isn't performing well, nowhere near as well as you seem to think it is, and that forecast is unlikely to improve.
weekev15  +   854d ago
It really makes me sad to see the joy in WiiU struggling.

Nintendo are not going down the power route, they are trying to focus on gameplay so how about the gaming community getting behind them instead of delighting in every blip along the road.

They might not be everyones cup of tea but, in my opinion, they offer diversity in a market dominated by ultra realism. All I want is a game that I can escape with and have fun with.

Id rather any gaming company that focusses on creating unique fun experiences were to flourish. For me thats Sony and Nintendo with the jury being out regarding Microsoft.
PopRocks359  +   854d ago

Yes, a meager 7K is SO significant when the 3DS is selling in the millions above both systems.

And you making sales predictions (Pachter-like and incorrect ones at that) that gives you a right to be condescending about it? Or is your selectively egotistical criticism of the Vita also clouding your mind? Did you notice that the Wii U sold literally a hundred units under the Vita this week? They are BOTH selling poorly right now.

Tell me something; with no games coming out for Vita during the next six months, exactly how do you expect that system to fair, especially in the west where it is doing significantly worse than in Japan, the only place where a price cut and games have been issued for it? I guarantee, if it does even remotely well, it will only be in Japan.
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bicfitness  +   854d ago
Vita is selling 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE. Something that the Wii U can't attest to. Vita has a higher attach rate as well. Here's the release schedule for each system for the next few months:

Wii U:

Abysmal and they're listing almost every dowloadable game that they can on the US side of things.


Sparse as well, but generally fuller across all regions and at least there are dozens of PSM and other titles not listed that we know are coming (Chaos Rings stealth release comes to mind - that title was only added yesterday to the list). DO note the third party support with major titles like God Eater 2, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace and Dragon's Crown that will at least be causing some decent bumps.

I've consistently said that the Vita isn't doing so hot, yet only someone willfully ignorant of the facts would say that its doing WORSE or as terribly as the Wii U. Better lineup, cheaper to manufacture - cell phone parts - hardware, higher attach rate, better 3rd party support. All of these elements add up to paint a brighter, but still not rosy picture for the Vita. At least there's PS4+Vita support incoming, which could revitalize the machine to tolerable retail levels in EU/ NA. Nintendo hasn't announced any strategic hardware initiatives for the Wii U at all. Its as if they simply don't care.

P.S. No one is talking about the 3DS so stop using that as your Nintendo fangirl crutch to cling to. That system has full market and company support and is doing well. Comparatively, the Wii U is being treated like a red-headed stepchild (sort of like how SCEA treats the Vita only on a global scale). We're comparing the weakest links between the two companies - Vita and Wii U. Try to stay on point.
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chadboban  +   854d ago
I agree with you mostly Pops. Just not the whole "no games" thing. I think "no games" should be used as a more literal term. Exclusives wise for the rest of the year in Japan, Vita has Tearaway(which looks amazing), Killzone and God Eater 2(also on PSP) so it does have "some games". Maybe this can change at Gamescom but if not there isn't really much to look forward to in 2014 other than Freedom Wars. I hope Sony does show some more support to the thing, it's a great system and deserves better.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   854d ago
You should know my stance by now-

But I do want to add the fact, not to contradict but to insert an idea-

I wonder if Sony is just going to shift PSV game development in favor treating it like a 2nd Screen Controller.
-And then also allowing portable play as well.

This could account for their sparse schedule that contrasts their E3 enthusiasm.

I like Nintendo the most but I like to watch the Industry too.
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jcnba28  +   854d ago
It's funny how you sony fans like to compare the Vita to the Wii U but not compare it to the system that it should be compared to, the 3DS. I wonder why that is? Hmm....
Dj7FairyTail  +   854d ago
because they can't.
Their argument was destroyed when Vita launched. They said 3DS was going to beaten to the ground.
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PopRocks359  +   854d ago

"I've consistently said that the Vita isn't doing so hot"

You're so full of it.

"PSV > Wii U"

Implying that means anything when both systems are way down in the crapper.

"At least there's PS4+Vita support incoming"

Oh great. A secondary feature that turns your portable game system into a controller for another entire console is now a system seller.

"P.S. No one is talking about the 3DS so stop using that as your Nintendo fangirl crutch to cling to."

Oh this is just pathetic. Now I'm a crutch-clinging fangirl because I've compared one portable gaming system to another? I've received some stupid replies from members of this community but, this has got to be one of the worst offenders in a while.

You can't be bothered to compare the Vita to the 3DS because you know how much better the 3DS is doing. In fact, recently we've seen the 3DS outsell just about every console on the market, so naturally you compare the Vita to the Wii U which is not selling any better and therefor a much easier target for your selective criticism.

I know you want the Vita to do better and frankly I do too, but you trying to glorify it with your asinine comparisons and overall condescending and insulting behavior is not going to get you anywhere. There's only one person between us acting like a clingy fangirl, and it sure as hell isn't me.
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boybato  +   854d ago
I guess pikmin was not a system seller. Although sales wise I would say it had done o.k.
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Theyellowflash30  +   854d ago
The Wii U usually averages 5-8K a week. Its at 14K. Pikmin 3 is selling consoles.
Dj7FairyTail  +   854d ago
[3DS] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
[3DS] Yokai Watch
[Wii U] Pikmin 3
[3DS] Danball Senki W Super Custom
[3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life
[PS3] Earth Defense Force 2025
[PSV] Toukiden
[Wii U] New Super Luigi U
[PSP] Toukiden
[3DS] Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Wrong Pikmin 3 is still top 5
LostDjinn  +   854d ago
Valay, I approve your pieces because you don't add any fluff. It's just straight up fact. The amusement that comes from watching people trying to leverage said facts in the comment section (for whatever reason) is just gravy.
chadboban  +   854d ago
Honestly, the drop from Wii U wasn't as bad as I expected. Kinda thought it'd go back to below 10k to be honest.

I never expected Dream Team to beat Bowser's Inside Story in the first place. 3DS is at less than half of the sales that the DS was at when Bowser's Inside Story Launched. Of course Dream Team was gonna sell less. Expected it to at least pass 100k though.

Toukiden has some nice legs there though for a new IP and Youkai Watch is hanging in there too.
PopRocks359  +   854d ago
Well without any other big games I suppose it was bound to happen. It was as I expected; Pikmin 3 gave the console a mild boost. Nintendo needs to provide some more momentum. Since there will be at least one game each month, hopefully Nintendo will be smart enough to generate some flow of excitement and keep that momentum consistent.
chadboban  +   854d ago
Agreed. Lego City launches in Japan tomorrow although I'm not to sure what the appeal will be other than it being one of the first Lego games Japan has gotten in a while. Most of it is based on old American cop shows so I have no idea how it will perform there. Other than that, I don't think there is anything else until The Wonderful 101 launches next month over there.
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Tewi-Inaba  +   854d ago
3DS sold more units than everything else combined.
That's pretty insane
G20WLY  +   853d ago
No it's not; it's happened before.
Dunban67  +   854d ago
Monster Hunter U, Lego City U and Pikmin 3U all sold some games as expected- but the number of people in the market willing to by a Wii U primarily for those games has been pretty limited and short lived. The cumulative effect of good games like these will surely add more buyers but I do not think the full effect of these sales will happen until a price reduction is in place-

Clearly sales will go up over the holiday season and with lineup of good games coming now- but I do not think Nintendo has a chance to get the sales to a level they can live w out a price cut between now and Thanksgiving- the combined effect of the holidays, good software and a price cut may give the momentum they need- but if they wait till after the holidays they will be chasing sales from behind for the remainder of the Wi U s lifespan

Additionally, I think there are many potential Wii u buyers out there now that are waiting for a price cut to do so- Regardless of what anyone else thinks about the need for a price cut- there are too many in the market place that think it will happen or needs to happen- other than lack of viable software, the anticipation of a price cut is a huge weight keeping Wii U sales down-

I have bought most of our Wii U games at a hefty discount (all new copies - none used) because I know if I am a little patient I can buy at a discount due to slow Wii U software sales-
TongkatAli  +   854d ago
I might leave N4G cause of the comments on this topic alone. Comparing sales is so boring, all of you need to stfu, talk about the games and be happy that the Wii U and the Vita, the "failed gaming systems" are not below 10k.

Yes the Vita had a bigger spike cause their was a price drop and Soul Sacrifice got released.

Pikmin 3 did sell Wii U without a pricecut. If it did have one it would be a bigger spike.


The 3DS is raping everything in sales.
Dunban67  +   854d ago
The 3ds is selling great- but Nintendo still needs the Wii U to sell hardware and software

The 3ds software sales # s are naturally trending p strong but if you combine the Wii and 3ds software sales they still fall below MSFT and Sony software sales by a good margin

I do not know what kind of software Number s Nintendo needs on average to become/remain profitable (as well as generate funds for R and D) but I think the totals still need to be a good bit higher than they are now- Without the Wii U contributing ALOT more than it is toward software sales and Wii software sales falling, I do not think the 3ds can carry Nintendo to profitability on it s own
weekev15  +   854d ago
I agree to some extent but sales are important. They will define the level of support a console will receive in it's lifecycle.

What I as a gamer want is for sales of the Vita and WiiU to pick up. This will lead to more support for each console and hence more varied gameplay which will make me happy.

BTW I don't own a Vita or plan to own 1, but I can see how if it sells well devs will have to up there game to compete which means more 3DS games (not that theres anything to complain about on that front)
Kamuymintar  +   854d ago

According to the article (published on 21 July), retailers in Japan estimates the selling capacity of the game market for LEGO City: Undercover and The Wonderful 101 are 30k copies.
Unfortunately it's short springtime for the people saying "Look at Wii U sales in Japan! Pikmin 3 sells well! Wii U's future is bright!"

By the way, the article reports:

- The publisher of The Witch and The Hundred Knights expects its first shipments will be 30k (for normal edition) and 20k ( for limited edition). And the limited edition sold out before its release day.
- The publisher of Dragon's Crown will ship 120k (for PS3) and 50k (for Vita) copies.
weekev15  +   854d ago
That surprises me for W101. Looks to me to be a game that fits nicely into the Japanese market. Will maybe be a slow burner.
wingman32x  +   853d ago
3DS did great. I can only imagine what damage Pokemon's going to do in October.

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