EA: Battlefield 4 is "well-positioned" versus rivals, will "exceed expectations"

EA's intensely proud of what it's achieved with DICE's Battlefield 4, company executives told investors in an earnings call last night. Following a strong E3 showing, preorders are apparently "stacking up well" against preorders of Battlefield 3.

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Need4Game1791d ago

"exceed expectations", if that's mean letting us go to outer space and shoot people down from up there, that'll be awesome. Quick, Get into the Rocket!

abzdine1791d ago

i'm not getting this game. EA are pricing their games waaaay too expensive.
I'm getting Killzone: Shadow Fall, this games feels like a true next gen game to me.

titletownrelo1790d ago

[facepalm*] they're the same price

mewhy321790d ago

I may pick up BF4 later but I first want to play Killzone Shadow Fall. That way I can get an idea of the high bar of fps before I start playing multi console lowest common denominator (xbone) games. Killzone will not be limited by the lowest common denominator delima and therefore will take full advantage of the power offered by the PS4.

Statix1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )


I call bullshit on the "lowest common denominator" prediction.

There's every possibility that the Frostbite 3 engine scales with the platform it's running on. That should mean that the PS4 version wouldn't be held back by the Xbox One version (or the 360/PS3 versions, for that matter). Visual quality and performance of BF4 will likely be maximized (to some extent) on whatever platform it's running on.

GodGinrai1791d ago

LMAO....just...LMAO! BF4 is the most next gen looking FPS bar far, dude. have you not seen that game running?

ATi_Elite1790d ago

Starforge will allow you to do that!

Not so amped up about BF4 so I'll wait till a good sale arrives. More Amped up about Titanfall.

RegorL1790d ago

Because you can enter a vehicle? Or that you feel great when succeeding in taking down an opponents overpowered vehicle?

Wow, guess you can't do that in BF4 - or?

What exactly is it in Titanfall that ignites your interest?

Titanfall might really be EAs way of educating FPS gamers to appreciate vehicles...

MariaHelFutura1791d ago

I think they're correct. This time they probably outsell COD and they deserve it, it's the better game. Bf4 is the most preordered game on both systems, COD isn't even top 5 on either.

MWong1791d ago

I hope it happens. It's well deserved, BF has been constantly upping it's game with every installment unlike it's competition. So with BF4 I hope they blow the competition out of the water, in not just game play, but the entire package.

nosferatuzodd1791d ago

that will never happen too much cod toad out there

Darrius Cole1791d ago

I don't know about outsell it, but BF4's numbers will be much closer to COD than BF3's numbers were. It may outsell COD on PS4 & Xbone but there are still a lot more current gen systems out there. COD will sell more on PS3/360.

Nexus381791d ago

not that im sticking up for cod im a huge battlefield fan
but... didnt they say the same thing when bf3 came out

nosferatuzodd1791d ago

exactly listen i hate COD has well but if people really don't support this game it would be sad, this game should be getting that ridiculous COD sale Numbers not that crappy Call of dogy

Animal Mutha 761791d ago

Love the way EA take credit for something that a group of talented guys and gals at DICE made that they then just bought.

EA might now own the studio but for me Battlefield will always be DICE. I wish I could buy the game direct from DICE with no publisher to get in the way.

Hufandpuf1790d ago

without EA DICE wouldn't be as big as it is today. EA funds DICE projects you know. That's what publishers are for.

GodGinrai1791d ago

64 players. 1080P @ 60FPS acreoss all formats. dynamic enviroments. say they are pretty well positioned to take the top multiplayer FPS spot.

MidnytRain1790d ago

I thought the console versions were at 720p? They neglected to mention the last time I checked.

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