Six minutes of God Eater 2 demo gameplay was granted early access to the God Eater 2 demo launching for PS Vita tomorrow in Japan and recorded six-and-a-half minutes of footage.

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majiebeast1672d ago

I can say 1 thing if your a hunting genre fan there is plenty of that on the Vita between this Toukiden,Soul Sacrifice and the upcoming freedom wars.

jazzlover5111672d ago

Don't forget Ragnarok Odyssey Ace. I personally like RO more than Soul Sacrifice.

nugnugs1671d ago

Yeah, I have to agree. I really wanted to love SS but I got a bit bored. The bullet system alone in God Eater will keep you busy, it's great.

Loki861672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Gamescom, make it happen Sony. GEB2 to the WEST!

bothebo1671d ago

Gamescom is really Sony's last chance to bring the Vita back to life in the West. They have to make a big move.