Pokémon X and Y get Two New Trailers

Two new trailers for Pokémon X and Y popped up on the official Italian Nintendo Youtube channel earlier today. Entitled Team Flare and Violetta, both trailers are relatively short, but we get to see more of the Pokémon and their world rendered in a gorgeous 3D style. We also get a glimpse of the Pokémon battles and different areas of the game we will get to explore when the game launches on Nintendo 3DS on October 12th of this year.

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krontaar1795d ago

Trailers are weeks old, these are just in Italian. Not sure who the hell approved this.

BXbomber1795d ago

the trailer is new to me so...

krontaar1795d ago

Then you are clearly out of the loop.

TekoIie1795d ago

Subscribe to the Pokemon channel dammit! :)

mcstorm1795d ago

Forget the Trailers give me the game cant wait to get X.

Einhert1795d ago

How does this get through? not even in english and weeks old.

The quality of the submissions on this site are reaching new lows.

Len1795d ago