Is eSports really a sport?

MWEBGameZone writer, Nicholas Holden, takes a look at eSports and if it can be classified as a professional sport.

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DesVader1852d ago

If the guys put in as much effort and time as traditional sports people to reach the top coupled with the fact that it takes real skill to compete..why not a sport.

HanCilliers1852d ago

If cyber athletes want to be taken as serious as traditional sports athletes, they really need to work being more professional. There are a lot of obstacles and unique problems facing eSports if it wants to be a contender alongside other sports. Just 1 of the aspects is having a unified rule-set per title.

HoldenZA1851d ago

Absolutely agree,the problem with e-sports currently is the variations of rules that are played and considered competitive.

Each title, just like each sport needs a defined structure to allow spectator-ship as well as professionalism to grow.

GabeSA1851d ago

I knew my couch potato days were not in vain. I am a couch commentator, a couch sportsman, and a couch coach and so much more. Thanks Holden for clearing that up, my mother would be proud.