Tom Clancy’s The Division: Three Features That Could Change Everything

The Division is perhaps my favorite upcoming game on the next gen consoles and all new news I see keep fueling my interest. So after looking at some of the key features that this game offers to the next generation of gaming, we see why The Division won’t be dividing opinions when it’s released next year.

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sigfredod1702d ago

I´m really pumped for this game

Valkyre1702d ago

... but probably wont change nothing in the end...

Dont get me wrong it looks like an exciting concept, but that "always online multiplayer" thing without any kind of single player portion, kills it for me.

Bathyj1702d ago

Damn, this is and MMO shooter?
Just killed my horny.

kingxtreme811702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Ubi stated in interviews at E3 that, despite its "always on" nature, the game can be completed solo.

The world blends single player and multiplayer, but doesn't force you to play with others. I expect this is something we'll be seeing a lot of this coming generation.

Valkyre1702d ago

Ιf that is true then you make me a happy man!

Look I liked what I saw, but I am the kind of guy that likes to enjoy games without always having to keep in mind that I am in a multiplayer game.

For example, I like to explore environments, I am the kind of guy that will even go around looking at the graphics and the tech behind the game, I always enjoy playing my games this way.

Playing like that in a multiplayer game is ofcourse very irritating for your fellow group, who dont care about such things and what to move on with the action. I respect that, but unfortunately I cannot enjoy a game like this.

I mean look at the demo... when they see the brooklyn bridge, I am like "wow... look at that, no wait... dont open that door, let me just see for a few secs...."

That is why I said that if the game is only multiplayer, it kills it for me.

But if you can still play it solo, then fine by me, I am actually excited now, thanks! ;)

MizTv1702d ago

I wonder how many players thus is online?

o-Sunny-o1702d ago

This is berry berry interesting game! ^~^

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