Voxel Farm Engine - New Video Showcasing Some New Tech

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's member 'Miguel Cepero' shared a new video for his indie engine, Voxel Farm Engine, showcasing some new features that are now being supported by it. VoxelFarm is a voxel engine that supports meshes and features a procedurally generated terrain."

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mewhy321637d ago

Ok I know that I might be stupid about this so laugh and make fund if you must, but what the heck are voxels?

CaptainCamper1637d ago

Omg it's so obvious...are you stupid?

It's so obvious I'll leave someone else to explain..... ;) lol

uglymash1637d ago

voxels are 3d pixels. Normal 3d models are made of polygons ( triangles) whereas voxels models are just made of blocks... i actually made a few cgi trailers using a voxel creater in max :)

palaeomerus1637d ago

Voxel is short for volumetric pixel.

RedSoakedSponge1637d ago

this is very impressive! i know it wont happen but if notch ever makes a minecraft 2, i would love for it to use this tech lol.

isarai1637d ago

GOD i wish terrain editors in unity and UDK were this versatile

Anonagrog1637d ago

I don't know if it helps, but the CryEngine SDK has support for voxel editting and such. Not sure how versatile it is though.