Edge- Preview: Forza Motorsport 5: an incremental upgrade, but a spectacular launch window racer

Edge:Just as Project Gotham Racing 3 was the racer used to launch 360, Forza 5 is the one destined to launch Xbox One, bringing with it the baggage Gotham carried in November 2005. It’s a game turned around for the next generation in two years and a spectacular feat – every car modelled inside and out, with every door, bonnet and boot ready to be opened and explored. But it’s a launch-window racer and there are features conspicuous by their absence.

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Ksar1823d ago

The best line-up so far.

No_Limit1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I think the XB1 launch lineup is up there with the Deamcast launch as one the best of all time when it is all said and done.

I still can't forget the day when I took home Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, NFL 2k, Power Stone, and Hydro Thunder and everyone of them were AAA in my Opinion.

Now, I think the XB1 launch will have the same magic, I can already feel it.

d_dogg20071823d ago

And what happened with the Dreamcast?

from the beach1823d ago

Kicked ass for like two years then Sega ran out of money..

Foxgod1823d ago

Yeah, that wont happen to MS in the next 100 years.

Aery1823d ago

Ksar : "The best line-up so far."

fixed for you :

"In my opinion, the best line-up so far."

from the beach1823d ago

How do you know that's Ksar's opinion?

Einhert1823d ago

As HE was stating it, clearly it was his opinion.

What else could it be you silly little person? fact?!

creatchee1823d ago


You'd better make sure that every post you ever make on N4G that isn't an unequivocal fact is preceded by "in my opinion."

Aery1823d ago

@from the beach:
Because for me the X1 doesn't have the best line-up :)

There are some statements that are facts that cannot be denied (ex : the PS4 is smaller than the X1) and other statements are just opinions (Forza, Ryse, DeadRising 3 are a superior lineup compared to Killzone, Driveclub and Knack).

There is a very interesting thread on NeoGaf about the launch-window lineup :

trafalger1823d ago

"There is a very interesting thread on NeoGaf about the launch-window lineup."

why did that person put in infamous second son? that game wont be out until 2014. to me forza5 looks better than driveclub, killzone shadow fall looks better than ryse, killer instinct looks better than knack and dead rising 3 puts the xbox one lineup on top. this is all my opinion in case i need to clarify that.

the ps4 will outshine the xbox one down the road i think but in the beginning the xbox one will be better imo.

Aery1823d ago

@trafalger :
The author of that post specify : launch window. Second Son is in that "window" (probably will be released during the Q1 204 ... well, we all hope at least :D)

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Geezus1823d ago

cant get over how good this game looks truly next gen!

illtownNJONE1823d ago

go to bing and search forza motorsport 5 xbox one and look at the 1080p pics omg

torchic1823d ago

this has to be the best comment I've ever seen on N4G omg

"go to bing"


Microsft fanboyism at it's finest right there kudos to you my man!

mcstorm1823d ago

I cant wait for this game from what I have seen so far this is the best looking racer on the next gen consoles and the reason for me to pre order a xbox one.

TheFallenAngel1823d ago

Forza is nothing short of amazing. This game looks really good and to me the most impressive out of all the exclusives on xbone. I remember Playing forza 3 and then rushed to buy Gran Turismo 5, boy was I disappointed. Good thing my brother has a 360. Can't wait to play this one.

windblowsagain1823d ago

Strange really, i played FORZA3(arcade racer) and then moved onto GT5 and was amazed by the realtime lighting, shaders,day/night/weather.

Yet FORZA5 still won't have those features, hardly nextgen is it.

[email protected] is decent and the game looks good. But still alot missing graphically.

GodGinrai1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

" i played FORZA3(arcade racer) "

you havent played forza.

Weight, suspension, tyres and other aspect of car dynamics are all simulated in how is it an arcade you guys tell yourselves this shit just to feel better about GT? GT is a good game but if you think it is any more of a sim than forza you need to ACTUALLY play the game with the "safetys" off.


And not having these features for a fifth time is really inexcusable.

QuantumWake1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I've watched so many videos of Forza 5 and I'm still amazed at how beautiful the game looks. The meticulous detail Turn 10 pumps into the cars and tracks is breathtaking.

Elit3Nick1818d ago

It's funny how I've never noticed how previous racers were missing interior window reflection, but it's really noticeable now that it's there, and it adds to the immersion. I just hope that they turn down the reflection when in shadows, since there is reduced light to reflect off the window, but thats just a minor thing. :)

QuantumWake1818d ago

What the... How did you find this article?! It's 5 days old! lol

But I do agree about the the windshields. It's definitely a nice addition.

Elit3Nick1818d ago

LOL sorry, it appeared in the related articles at the bottom, I only realized that this article was 5 days old AFTER I commented :P

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