Where Will Zelda Go Next?

"The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker makes its glorious return on the Wii U console with brilliant HD graphics and enhanced game features this October. This classic featured a cell shade and cartoon infused look that really brought the world and characters to life. This will be a welcome release and the first HD Zelda game from Nintendo. Yet, there are still many gamers, including myself, that want a peek at the newest Zelda title currently in development." -BootHammer

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Whymii1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Wow, this article goes nowhere and offers nothing new or constructive. If it was in print media I would think that it was written to fill half a column 10 minutes before it was due to go to press. Given it's net base I'd say they are using Zelda to get some traffic. Very light weight stuff.

TalesofDalton1797d ago

I really would like to see a mature take on Zelda, but I know Nintendo would never do it. Oh well, there's always Darksiders.

cpayne931797d ago

Depends how mature we're talking. Majoras mask and twilight princess were fairly dark, but Nintendo would never go over the teen rating. Still, the zelda games can have excellent storylines with great characters without being overly violent.

ChickeyCantor1797d ago

Darksiders doesn't come close to zelda. I wish People would stop comparing the two.

Whymii1795d ago

I play both and Darksiders is definitely taking a lot of inspiration from Zelda. In fact it plays identically from the point of view of how dungeons and areas are unlocked with new weapons, special abilities and collectible items. Yes, the stories are way different but the majority of gameplay IS the same.

ChickeyCantor1795d ago

Taking inspiration is one thing. But there is a completely different feel to both games. Darksider does not provide an experience that's even close to Zelda imo.

BootHammer1796d ago

I'm hoping for the same! Something in line like the HD demo. I imagine we will see a trailer at next years E3. Hoping sooner though ;)

cpayne931797d ago

The next one needs a world as intricate and interesting as majoras mask. Im playing through that game right now and I think it might be my favorite zelda game.

TalesofDalton1797d ago

Majoras Mask is definitely my favorite of the 3d series. Something along those lines would be nice. Mostly, I would just prefer something really weird and different.

Relientk771797d ago

Easily my most anticipated Wii U game, can't wait to see Zelda come to the system

BootHammer1796d ago

You and me both! My favorite Nintendo franchise and that's saying a lot! Hope they release some details after the Wind Waker for the Wii U releases.