Vader playable in The Force Unleashed

DarkZero writes: "Lucasarts have announced that the all powerful Darth Vader will be playable in The Force Unleashed. However, he will just be available in the games first level, and from then on you will instead take the role of Vader's apprentice - which is the guy you have most likely seen in all recent screenshots and videos of the much vaunted title."

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Genesis53908d ago

I'm really hoping this game is as awesome as it sounds.

Storm233908d ago

Agreed. This game could be a lot of fun if done well.

And playing as Vader will be incredible!

cyclindk3908d ago

Yes, I hope the character customization isn't half-assed and has a lot of options; especially about your light saber design.

KidMakeshift3908d ago

I'd rather play as Chad Vader

kingOVsticks3908d ago

i rather play as stewie vader or CHAWCOLATE RAAAAAAIN Vader :)

Alcohog3908d ago

This was revealed over a month ago.

INehalemEXI3908d ago

I know I heard this at least a few weeks ago.

DRUDOG3908d ago

At least a month or maybe what I read awhile back was that they were leaning toward it. I do remember that the article I read said that it would only be in the beginning of the game and this just basically looks like confirmation. Think it might've been Game Informer from a ways back.

I've got high hopes for this game, but I'm trying not to expect too much. Star Wars games are so hit or miss, but this one seems to have potential and every article has mentioned the Euphoria engine and how great it looks.

DeadlyFire3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

It was said awhile back while the news is decent. I am very disappointed that this was the Big Star Wars Announcement that was floating around. This isn't that big of a deal. I can already play as Vader in Jedi Knight. :p

OldGamer3908d ago

Actually, this was announced tonight between Spike Tv's showing of Ep. II and III. They had exclusive clips of the game and talked about being able to play as Vader. They showed what you could do with the force as Vader and it looks f'ing awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.