What do indie developers think of the Vita?

With so many gamers giving their views on indie games, The Vita Lounge ask indie developers about the Vita.

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CBaoth1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Q. Cross buy/cross save is being used for many titles and seems to be being used to good effect with a greater combined audience, but do you think that the indie scene would be more beneficial to the Vita if these titles were only on the Handheld? Or do you think the combined presence of the parent console makes the greater difference?

A. "Supporting things like cross-buy is a way of showing gamers respect by not asking them to pay twice to enjoy a game over multiple devices. I don’t see limiting the games to just one platform benefiting anyone in the long run, particularly when you start to think about all the cool things you can achieve if your game is both a static and mobile experience."

And, "I think as a consumer I would be a bit annoyed if I wanted to play the game on both systems, and had to purchase it twice in order to do so. I personally have played multiple games in this way (Guacamelee, Retro City Rampage, Knytt Underground, Soundshapes) and have really enjoyed the ability to play on TV at home, and on Vita while I’m commuting."

Every "indie" game on PSN should be cross-compatible between PS3 and Vita. After PS4 is released, it should be 3 devices. Get your head out of your ass Sony, make this mandatory, even if it means giving out dev kits on consignment. You are squandering a golden opportunity.

WeAreLegion1817d ago

While it is an amazing feature, I think making it mandatory would push many developers away.

boybato1817d ago

I agree.. leave it to devs although as a consumer, let your wallet speak.

CBaoth1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

These are indie devs saying this though, not some mega-publisher. They all love it. They have limited resources and time, yet they don't have a problem with it. You should be asking why ALL publishers aren't doing it. Aside from some minor UI changes (Vita's lack of dual shoulder buttons), all they're doing is scaling resolutions. It's not like these IPs are system intensive.

kayoss1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I love the cross buy program that Sony have for their games. But the biggest problem I see is that if there's a must have PS Vita game and its avaialble for the PS3, most people will buy it for the PS3 because most people have a PS3 even if it's cross buy. This will cut down the "potential" hardware sale of the PS Vita.
I think the best solution to get PS Vita sales up is by offering must have games that cant be played anywhere else including the PS3. Once adoption rates are high, then Cross buy would be very beneficial. If you look at the Nintendo 3DS, i believe one of the reasons why it is so successful is because it have games that cant be played on any consoles. It forces people to buy a 3DS to play that must have game. there are no cross buy with the wii or Wii U.

When Toukieden was released for the PSP and PS vita, we all see a surge in sales for the PSP and PS Vita, but the PSP outsold the PS Vita for that time frame because the PSP is a lot cheaper. Imagine if it was only released for the Vita? then hardware sales would not be shared with the PSP.
When Soul Sacrafice was release only for the Vita, the vita benefited from a sale surge. This is what the vita needs. At this point in time, it does not need cross buy it needs exclusive must have games.
But hey thats only my opinion.

SaffronCurse1817d ago

Love the crossbuy. I'm using my vita more and more lately.

D-riders1817d ago

I love it, and am releasin games on it in the next year 608games