10 ways Diablo 3 makes dungeon-crawling cool on PS4 & PS3 – we go hands on & chat to Blizzard

OPM: You might have heard of Diablo 3? Came out on PC a while back and kind of broke the internet? Big game. Huge. We’ve been playing the PS3 version and talking to Blizzard about making this a true console version on both PlayStation 3 and PS4.

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reef10171547d ago

I can't wait my ps3 version is paid off and I will be getting the ps4 version as well.

mewhy321547d ago

Im not sure what you mean by "paid off"? I'm probably going to wait on the PS4 version.

reef10171547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

No more money is needed I can just walk into the store grab my game and leave. Also the devs have been kicking around the idea of making the ps3 save compatible with the ps4 version.that makes me very happy.

mewhy321547d ago

Oh, OK I get it now. Yes that would be great if the PS3 saves were compatible with the PS4 game. If that happens then I may get the PS3 version.

MWong1546d ago

I hope they allow PS3 gamesaves to carry over to the PS4. I think the PS4 version will be a lot bigger. That's the version I really want.

reaperofsouls1547d ago

Played D3 on PC didn't think it was as good as D2 though, but looking 4wards to the ps4 version

da_2pacalypse1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

That's because it wasn't. I bought the game on day1 (and the limited edition too)... and I had more fun with Torchlight 2 which I bought for 20 bucks. I highly recommend that game (which is likely to be announced for the PS4 soon).

CalvinKlein1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I liked diablo 3, even though it could barley run on my very outdated computer. I agree that diablo 2 was better but that game was amazingly awesome. I had some fun with diablo 3 playing with two of my friends. its not that often that high quality dungeon crawlers come out. I still need to play torchlight 2, I wish it would come to vita since warrior's lair was canceled. I may get the ps4 version someday to play on vita, that would be cool.

THe always online for diablo 3 was lame, especially when it first came out because their server went down alot.

xReDeMpTiOnx1546d ago

Is the auction house going to be available with real currecncy transactions like pc?

reef10171546d ago

The auction house is not available on the console version.

Jyndal1546d ago

I can't help but have reservations about this title.

Megaton1546d ago

Console gamers should rally for Torchlight 2 on consoles. Far superior to D3.

Jyndal1546d ago

Or Grim Dawn...whenever it goes full release.

MWong1546d ago

I do hope that next-gen consoles get a lot of MMO's.

da_2pacalypse1546d ago

They did Torchlight 1 for Xbox, so I'm pretty sure we don't need to rally for this. I think the announcement is coming sooner or later.

CalvinKlein1546d ago

I havent got it yet only the first one. Im hoping it would go to vita, that would be awesome.

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