PlanetSide 2 On PS4 Is 'Basically PC Version On Max Settings'

NowGamer: "PlanetSide 2 is easily one of the best looking games on PC - even in spite of the incredibly tasking CPU/GPU strain - which makes us all the more excited for PlanetSide 2 on PS4.

But will Sony Online Entertainment be able to replicate those visuals on the limits of a console, albeit a fairly powerful one?"

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MrDead1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

PlanetSide 2 running at max PC settings on a £350 console, even PC only gamers must admit that would be very impressive if they can pull it off.

I'll start downloading this the second my PS4 is online

TimmyShire1821d ago

Same. I've played it on PC and it is good but I have fewer friends on PC - or, at least, I find it harder to arrange games with them - so I'm looking forward to joining crews with my PS4 friends.

abzdine1821d ago

amazing! and this is only the beginning..
PlanetSide 2 really looks insane

hakis861821d ago

I'm really looking forward to playing this on my PS4.

Didn't Sony confirm it will be availible AT LAUNCH though? I can see this site writes "SOE is targeting the PS4's launch window and is a free-to-play..."
A little worrying :S

TimmyShire1821d ago


Yeah, the story says 'launch window' and that - these days - tends to mean 'within six months'.

mewhy321821d ago

I will definitely be downloading this when I get my PS4.

thechosenone1821d ago

I have dual 6950s and it runs pretty well on my rig so hearing that the PS4 will max it out is damn impressive.

MysticStrummer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

@hakis - "Didn't Sony confirm it will be availible AT LAUNCH though?"

"We definitely want be there at launch, and that’s what we’re aiming for. Because PlanetSide 2 is such a unique game, it’s not like we’re worried about competition on the horizon right now. There just aren’t any other games even coming out that are like it. Our focus is really on making sure that we’re delivering a really solid, polished product rather than trying to get it up as quick as possible. So maybe at launch we can have a closed beta on the PS4, an open beta on the PS4, and be building out of there. We’re not entirely sure. We’re going to see how it goes."

Here's a dispatch from the front lines of Amerish, by war correspondent Robert Stoneman.

ShinMaster1820d ago


Consoles <3

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Septic1821d ago

That's actually insane. I have a half decent PC rig but mine kind of struggles a little on Max settings on Planetside 2 so the PS4 running this on Max settings is going to be insane.

The problem with the PC version is that I don't have that many mates who play on PC so a console version would be brilliant. Although saying that, most of my friends are buying the X1 so....ughhh...

But for those that haven't played Planetside 2 on PC, you guys are going to be in for a treat when you all jump in together with your mates. It's going to look epic yet a bit daunting the first time round.

GMWPS31821d ago

Why are your friends buying X1s? To be honest the only games that might get me to eventually buy an X1 are Forza and the next Gears of War. I had both series on my 360 and they were great games. I'm waiting to see how reliable the X1 is and if Microsoft doesn't reverse...umm...its current reversal after release.

Septic1821d ago

After much deliberation, and many arguments lol, we all decided to get the Xbox One first. I'm buying the PS4 later.

The games and features really appeal to us more than Sony's showing. But it was a tough decision this time round.

Pain1821d ago

personally id tell your friends "My money im buying a PS4 first" why let anyone else dictate how u spend your money on what you want to do/play for fun?

but ot damn max settings ? PS4 is a beast .. but we all knew that anyways.

devwan1821d ago

You need new friends!

Septic1821d ago

My friends didn't dictate anything. I really am looking forward to the X1 and the games. Both consoles have great games coming out for them but for me and my friends, the X1 as a console and it's games just appeal more.

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piroh1821d ago

well, is there still anybody skeptical about PS4?

Perjoss1821d ago

were there ever any sceptical people in the first place?


PSN_ZeroOnyx1821d ago

Yeah, nobody is/was skeptical of PS4. Sony has done everything right every step of the way.

Though xbox bro's jealousy will make them hate on it.

MysticStrummer1821d ago

@PSN_ZeroOnyx - "xbox bro's jealousy will make them hate on it."

One of them PMed me last night saying that PS4 won't be able to keep up with One's visuals, and his reason was the GPU, but then he named the GPU... and it was PS4's GPU.

He's so jealous, he's trying to claim parts of PS4 hardware are actually in the One and not in PS4 at all.

Who was that genius?

None other than greenpowerz

True story.

OT -

solidjun51821d ago

I thought greenzpowers was gone. I hadn't seen him comment in a while. I guess he's just trolling people privately. lol

Oner1821d ago

You should get a +Funny bubble for that Mystic, LMFAO!

Destrania1821d ago

Greenpowerz PM'd me the other day as well.

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MWong1821d ago

@ MRDead
I think you said it best, if they can pull this off it will be massive. This is a must get on the PS4.

3-4-51821d ago

Just built a $600 PC and played PS2 on max settings and it ran fine.

I have the AMD 7770 and I believe the PS4 has an upgraded version of that or an even better GPU.

add to that i5 and 8GB ram and my PC is fairly similar to a PS4, so yea getting it run as good as my $600 PC on a $400 console is impressive.

PeacePolice1821d ago

My sister has a HD 7850 in her rig and couldn't max it out in 1080p/+30FPS.

PS4 has a similar GPU, but optimization is probably what’s making it running at max.

PS: Her build was 750$ by the way.

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5eriously1821d ago

Bring them on. The more the merrier. Cannot wait for the PS4 to be released..

VsAssassin1821d ago

I downloaded this on my lower-that-I3 computer and it was a JPEG slideshow! Hahaha! I thought I could get away with it. :D

Perjoss1821d ago

my computer is so slow, I cant even run a youtube gameplay video of planetside 2 on max settings


lento1821d ago

Just got off a night shift logged on here for a quick read.... Got a good laugh off your guys comments. Good end to my work day bubbles guys.

Kinger89381821d ago

Nice so does that mean full 1080p at 60fps aswell? This is the main thing for me having played a bit of the pc one, this is where it will impress me completely!

Great game from what ive played

PeacePolice1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Won't be possible, my HD 7970 GHz ed (500$ GPU) can go at 60FPS, but not sable, especially maxed out + max draw distance + physX turned on at 1080p

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