Thunderbolt: Universe At War Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Another year, and yet another RTS ported to the Xbox 360. Following in the footsteps of Battle For Middle Earth II and Command & Conquer 3, a new challenger approaches this platform with a new and evolved control scheme, and cross-platform online play with the PC as well via Xbox Live!. The developer of Universe At War, Petroglyph is made up of classic developers from Westwood, and has previously released the Star Wars: Empire At War series. This is their first original IP, and their first console port as well. Unfortunately, this is also their first failure, and while it does a few good things for the genre on a system without a keyboard and mouse, it falls flat of being a good game."

-Great controls on a console
-Cross-platform online play with PC

-Uninteresting and repetitive campaign
-Weak assets and design
-Plot is rushed and stiff

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