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Giovanni Ferlazzo for italian website Games: "Killzone: Mercenary is the Killer App for PS Vita we have been waiting for?"

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badz1491795d ago

this would be my 1st FPS for my Vita. I hold out on CoD and Resistance BS but this is a must buy!

MonChiChi1795d ago

Yes, I held out on those two as well. They were so tight lipped on them, but KZ has been getting a lot of face time.

They actually doing a MP beta to better improve online. That shows me they want to bring that console FPS MP experience to handheld.

Rockxy1795d ago

killzone is crap! no fan boy stuff just truth I'm sick of it.

mafiahajeri1795d ago

Your sick of it yet you come and comment on killzone releated articles.

Einhert1795d ago

I would not say it is crap, just not as good as it is made out.

xReDeMpTiOnx1795d ago

What makes killzone so crap???

Inb4 its generic

Killzone is far from generic kz2 brought so many new things to shooters this gen lol every time I lost it no one says nothing back so I'm not gonna waste my time

Einhert1795d ago

What exactly did killzone 2 bring? was a good game but It didn't do anything that was new or exciting.

xReDeMpTiOnx1795d ago

- six axis sniping
- dynamic maps
- dynamic game mode 7 missions in one map
- unrivaled clan system, allowed to host own tournaments in game as well as play private matches and have valor (form of currency for ranking to wager against other clans)
- 20 different variables to how the gun shoots
- weighty feel
- combinations of combining classes

Think I name enough to debunk the generic theory

If kz2 was generic what does that make almost every other fps

kwiksilver991795d ago

hope the controls are great....cant wait to try it.