Killzone: Mercenary Looks the Business, We Can Prove It

Push Square: "We’ve paid Killzone: Mercenary a fair amount of attention over the past few days – and have been itching to give you a closer look at the game. If you haven’t read our hands-on preview just yet, divert your orange peepers through here, and then shimmy back to this page for a brand new batch of screens captured directly from our PlayStation Vita."

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slivery1790d ago

Please let me get into the beta. Looks amazing for an early build.

abzdine1790d ago

looks crazy!
i wonder what button to push to run cause there is no L3???

dodo1011790d ago

to run you press circle or double tap and hold the rear touch panel

MKDA_Scorpion1790d ago

How the hell did you get a disagree for wanting to be in a beta? ROFL. Some people on N4G are just autistic.

bjmartynhak1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Man, I just cancelled my pre-order because the network pass.

Does someone know if I can buy a online pass with my account using the card from other region?
At least it does not work with discs. (I paid a DLC twice once)

Mr-SellJack1790d ago

No it does not work,u must make a new account with a new psn profile that has the country that matches the region of the card

SandWitch1790d ago

Nope, account region and game card region must be the same, otherwise online pass will not work.

Paul_Murphy1790d ago

Are you not buying it new in your region? All new games will come with the pass.

bjmartynhak1790d ago

This is sad =(
I'm not living in my country, I have 8 months more abroad.

Lucky I still have some money in my home-country account, but poor memory card.
Worst, some Vita games are more expensive than launch PS3 titles in my country. Some games go up to 80-$100

dcj05241790d ago

0-0. Your a dedicated VITA owner. $80!

bjmartynhak1790d ago

Wipeout, Lumines, Rayman Origins, LittleDeviants, LEGO Harry Potter and some others are costing equivalent to $100. That's Brazil!

So I'm really happy to be living in UK buying new Vita games for £30 and old ones for £15. The DLC/online pass region lock is a problem though.

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H4all1790d ago

Great Developer..
The Game look's awesome..
i will buy first day of release.. FOR SURE!!!