Killzone: Mercenary Is the Vita Shooter That You've Been Waiting For - Push Square

Push Square: "Ever since we first nestled our thumbs on the PlayStation Vita’s petite but precise analogue sticks, we’ve been gunning for a good first-person shooter. Nihilistic Software did the best that it could with a bad hand, deploying Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified into a regrettable crossfire of criticism. Reports suggest that the Californian company was forced to develop the titles at a brisk clip, an unenviable fate that Guerrilla Cambridge has fortunately eluded. In fact, the earliest footage of Killzone: Mercenary first shot into sight during the handheld’s initial unveiling in 2011, making the mobile murder simulator one of the most hotly anticipated outings in the portable’s pipeline. But has that additional production time culminated in a console-quality classic, or another undercooked affair?"

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