FIFA 14 Hands-On: A Disappointment In The Making? | VideoGamer

VideoGamer: "Last year's FIFA 13 preview event convinced me that EA had created one of its best ever football titles. This year couldn't be more different. Now, I'm genuinely concerned that the Canadian development team has got it spectacularly wrong. It's a remarkable turnaround, and it's all to do with three new additions: the more deliberate pacing, the changes to the sprinting and the new first touch mechanic."

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berndogskate1796d ago

not sounding good, glad im getting pes as well)

3-4-51795d ago

Yea if this is only "ehhh" I'll gladly get PES 2014.

PES 2012 for 3DS was my first PES game but it hooked me on the series so I'd have no problem playing either one.

Just want to play some fun soccer/football.

SOM3ROiD1796d ago

Well, maybe the next-gen version will be awesome.

jlm91796d ago

Sadly I have read other previews that are saying similar things. This may be a PES yeat. Looks like none of the issues on 13 have been fixed and they have added new ones.

ninjagoat1796d ago

Next gen version is carrying the same features with better graphics. PES for me this year tbh.