FIFA 14 fan feedback: ‘People were saying the game is too fast’

X360: FIFA 14 is making a few tweaks to the beautiful game; according to EA the changes are down to fan feedback on the long-standing football series…

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iamnsuperman1642d ago

What about not making it a yearly release? I think all fans could appreciate just doing these updates through patches and keeping the servers open so you have a complete game for more than a year

Dailynch1642d ago

Yeah, nothing wrong with it being a yearly release, as long as they keeping making it better and it sounds like they are.

Dungus1642d ago

Most people are. Most people are stupid.

joe901642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I'm happy with yearly release of fifa.

Oh yeh Dungus i am stupid for spending my money how i want.

Einhert1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

they could easily just update the game through patches if they really wanted to but people keep buying it year after year so they won't.

Dungus1642d ago

TOO FAST???? HAHAHAHA Yeah rrriight.

pompombrum1642d ago

I think the biggest fan feedback thing that should be looked at is bleeding momentum..regardless what people refer to it as, there is workings going on in the game beyond that of the player's ability and I think that's wrong. In a lot of ways you could argue it's realistic but tbh, it ruins all competitive merit fifa has.

hesido1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I'm a PES player but I'm all for more realistic physics. You have to take into account you are controlling a human which cannot change directions at the speed of light, and you can't change the ball direction anytime you like as ball contact is intermittent.

Dungus1642d ago

Thing is, you're not controlling a human. It's a game. More realistic physics doesn't need to mean a slower game either. Fifa is already a fraction of the pace of a real life football match. Speed it up, make it more fun, take out the fake momentum and scripted animations. Sort it out, EA. Releasing Fifa every 2 years with big changes instead of tiny baby steps will make it something to look forward to, instead of something to just unquestionably lap up like a little hypnotised, EA bitch.

g4me_he4d1642d ago

I think they are releasing their games too fast, fifa 13 was the perfect example. The game had so many bugs that it was nearly unplayable. I will not buying this game on a yearly basis there are so many games that have better production value.

sk12341642d ago

Fans were complaining about that?! Then I'm sure you know that fans are also complaining about how it's almost the same game every year.
Even worse on handheld consoles.

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