The Evil Within ‘taking the genre back to pure survival horror’

X360: The Evil Within, helping to remind everyone why decrepit mental health institutes are terrifying places to become trapped…

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MrChicagoWind1796d ago

Didn't Last of Us already do this?

golding891796d ago

It did but this game seems to be leaning toward more of the scary side. I think that speaks for itself. I want to be scared playing a horror game and i hope this actually delivers :-)

PopRocks3591796d ago

The Last of Us is more tense/thrilling than scary (though survival gameplay is most certainly intact). I think Shinji Mikami intends to horrify the player with this game.

hankmoody1796d ago

Last of Us was more intense than scary. The scariest games I can think of at the moment are Dead Space and Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

Ducky1796d ago

Giving players the ability to see through walls isn't exactly 'pure survival horror'

ritsuka6661796d ago

"Last of Us" isn't a survival horror. It's just a generic horror game that was actually quite decent. It focused on atmosphere rather than survival, sort of like walking through an *actually* scary haunted house.

1796d ago
MrChicagoWind1796d ago

I don't know about you guys, but I played on the hardest difficulty and it seemed to be a survival (horror at times) game.

Thanks for the dislikes.

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nosferatuzodd1796d ago

this game is going to be on ps3 and ps4 it looks good maybe ill pic it up on ps4

Einhert1796d ago

It looks pretty awesome from what I have seen, certainly more in the traditional sense of survival horror

Unlimax1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

"The Evil Within ‘taking the genre back to pure survival horror’"

I really REALLY hope so .. I'm sick of how Capcom ignoring their fans these days with their "No one can pleased" excuses and their "Cod audience" Logic , They totally lost my respect for a long time .

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