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VideoGamer: "Killzone: Mercenary feels like the realisation of a dream, albeit one from 2004. It feels like the long-coveted 'PS3 in your pocket' is actually here: playing the preview code reminded me just how powerful Sony's handheld is. Mercenary is, in terms of pure graphical grunt, one of the best-looking games I've ever seen on a handheld."

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tubers1818d ago

" because these types of experiences are better served at home. Which, coincidentally, is where a lot of handheld gaming is played. Who's going to opt for an inferior version when the real thing is just a front room away?

Compare and contrast to Nintendo, which is on a huge roll at the moment, and one that's due to continue with the likes of Pokemon X and Y, among others, heading for the console.

Nintendo has always known how to play the game on handheld, and while Killzone is impressive in some ways, it marks what should be the death of one of Sony's old dreams. Good: the PSVita is a wonderful console, that pushes new boundaries in mobile games. But it doesn't need to be saddled with old ideas. PS4 will help give the Vita new lease of life, but it can't do all the work."


abzdine1818d ago

this is a must buy for me.

Ju1818d ago

Why is someone who want's a DS judging a shooter on the Vita? Like it wasn't clear that this is a console title on the go. A long awaited console title on the go, none the less. Am I missing something here?

vazurahan1818d ago

Huh? A lot of PSOne and some PS2 games are ported to PSP and iOS and they're still fun and very playable. Those are home console games by the way.

Playing a game on handheld or home console is a preference and you can't confine a game genre as "only for home console" or "only for handheld".

Pokemon is an RPG game and if ported to a home console or played through an emulator on a home console is still Pokemon and very much playable. This applies to every other game that aren't touchscreen or motion control dependent.

despair1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

More like a soapbox piece than a preview for a game, just because he doesn't like console quality experiences on handhelds don't mean we don't want it.

I for one bought my vita because of that, I hate simple basic pick up and play games I love games I can spend hours on and having it so I'm not locked to the same room staring at my TV to play, but can go outside relax go to the beach and play them when I'm bored is a huge bonus.

Referencing Nintendo and Pokémon is not really applicable to a preview article for a PSV Killzone game. Also I understand referencing the other (or 2 others if you include Resistance Burning Skies) FPS tries on the vita, and saying Declassified and Burning Skies were horrible games is justified but to say even though Declassified is bad and Killzone would be much better it still won't work is plugging personal feelings into a game you have no business previewing in the first place.

Tell people like me games like Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Mortal Kombat, NFS Most Wanted, Virtue's Last Reward, Disgaea 3, Wipeout 2048 and so many others that are quite good console level games (some actual console games as well) are not good for the Vita or handheld gaming, because that's what he's saying.

cpayne931818d ago

You can use the philosophy he took and apply it to just about all the 3ds games. Oot remake, resident evil, luigis mansion, and more could have been better on wii u. Dont see why he thinks nintendo is exempt from that. Personally i like playing on handhelds better, feels more comfortable.

Insomnia_841818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Reading this Hands-on reminded me what I thought and felt when I played Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP, it didn't have twin sticks, it didn't have PS3 quality graphics but the game is so well done and good that at some points during the game I just forgot I was playing on the PSP.

This is the case with Killzone: Mercenary now that unlike MGS:PW, has twin sticks and PS3 quality graphics. This is what we all have been waiting for!!!..but this guy wants it to go away??? lol

Anyway, while I don't agree with him his opinion, he managed to hype the f*** out of me!!! I can't wait to put this game on my PS VITA!!! :D

CaptCalvin1818d ago

I actually prefer handheld gaming to TV gaming. Something about the immediacy of having the action right in front of your face appeals to me.

Loki861818d ago

This sounds like a love letter to the 3DS more then a preview of a vita game.