Dragon’s Crown Looked Really Different When It Was Being Made For The Dreamcast

Dragon’s Crown has been in Vanillaware president George Kamitani’s mind for well over a decade. The game was originally planned for Dreamcast, but instead of the detailed 2D artwork the game is now known for Dragon’s Crown used 3D models.

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Dir_en_grey1819d ago

The art looks so much better now.
This game is going to awesome.

Minato-Namikaze1819d ago

is dragons crown cross buy?

Dir_en_grey1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

No, but I'm buying both versions to support Vanillaware.

GortJester1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Well worth buying two copies of this game with the amount of content. Love Vanillaware. BTW Odin Sphere is on sale on PSN right now for half off ie $4.99. Another fantastic game from them to get you prepped.

CrossingEden1819d ago

well the character designs were still pretty sexist, i'd love to see someone try to justify only wearing armor on your arms and upper body, while wearing straps on your lower body -_- so stupid, ironically the sorceress looked less like a hentai fan's wet dream

fsfsxii1819d ago

Still, they're pretty awesome.

Thehyph1819d ago

I have zero interest in sexualized cartoons, but the gameplay is 150% up my alley, and I'm dying to play it.

I'm just not sure how to explain it to the girlfriend if she sees a sorceress enter my game, which will be unavoidable when I'm playing Vita in bed at night.

Inception1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Well, it's the same way you explaining to your girlfriend when you watching hollywood movies and actress like Pamela Anderson or Scarlet Johansson waving their ass / big tities on the screen :P

Or, just say to your GF that sorceress tities are fake so she must deal with it :P

Thehyph1819d ago


Yeah, but she knows I don't play bad games. Neither do I watch bad TV or movies. She's the same way.

Also, that sorceress is a very unrealistic, hypersexualized version of a woman. How do I go about explaining that? What purpose does that artwork have?

I'm buying it day one anyway. The gameplay looks great and the artwork is fantastic otherwise.

Inception1818d ago

Lol, so movies or tv show that had their actress waving their ass / big tities on screen now called 'A bad movies / tv show'?

Dood, i saw a lot of Angelina Jolie movies when she still show her big barenaked tities on the screen without any logical / important purpose. But i don't think her movies are bad. Far from it.

Or scenes from movie like Swordfish when Halle Berry showing her naked jugs to Hugh Jackman without any important purpose. But Swordfish indeed a great movie and a lot of my friend, especially girls, agreed with me too.

And i don't think tv show like Baywatch, who's Pamela Anderson waved her ass & tities in it, is a bad tv show. In fact, i learnt my 1st swimming lesson from my dad when i was a kid because i watched Baywatch with him.

Also, bad games? Hah! Did you play the other Vanillaware games like Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire, Grand Knight History, or Muramasa? Those games also had women characters with big tities like The Sorceress in Dragon's Crown. But i never heard / read the reviewer called those games a 'Bad games'. In fact, the majority of the reviewer gave 8 or 9 for all of those game.

But whatever makes you sleep well tonight dood.

"I'm buying it day one anyway. The gameplay looks great and the artwork is fantastic otherwise."

Don't believe you will buy this game day one, after you called it 'Bad games'. But i don't care anyway, cause no one in here force you to buy it even you don't like it.

Dir_en_grey1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Seriously though to the retards like you who repeatedly cry sexist over and over, since when in any mythology that Amazon or Elf or Barbarian or Magician or Sorcerer wear any armor??

On the other hand people like you who just discriminates against anything that doesn't suit YOUR ideal, are pretty much the worst kind of human being because you are a prejudist. =P

Want a justification? Easy.
If you are an awesome and skilled warrior(like the ones in this game are supposed to be), you will dodge enemy's attacks instead of getting hit, extra armor will just slow you down.

There's your answer.

Inception1819d ago

Nah, don't bother them. In the beginning, they're not interested with Dragon's Crown. So they only want to bash this game because it's PS exclusive or trolling with people who wants to play it.

CrossingEden1819d ago

so wearing armor everywhere but where you wear pants is a good idea? this is what video games has done to people, you don't pick and choose wear to wear parts of a suit of armor, hence the word SUIT, and still, not justifying wearing so many straps -_- jesus christ lonely otaku games annoy me sometimes, nice personal attack btw calling me a retard for pointing out the objectification of underage teenagers

jc485731819d ago

He decided to step away from the loli and made it more (overly for some) mature.