EA 'experimenting' with new business models for next-gen new IP

EA is "experimenting with additional business models" for new franchises set to be introduced on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Games Label president Frank Gibeau has revealed.

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zeal0us1672d ago

Microtransaction system here we come.

I don't mind microtransaction systems/cash shop so long as they are balance and don't create a P2W environment. Sadly very few shooters can pull off a balanced cash shop. Usually when the player based complain about it rarely do the the developers listen.

showtimefolks1672d ago

Single player dlc codes here we come

Kingdom of reckoning had a single player code where if you buy it used you won't be ale to play that portion of single player mission

EA we are so nice we are taking back online pass
Oh MS is enforcing DRM so now we are in bed with them but hey we took back online passes

MS:well we are taking DRM off the table for now
EA: we are experimenting with new business models meaning we will make many generic games like dead space 3,army of two,fuse etc, and oh yeh we fully believe I'm micro transactions

EA games new feature better with kinect

Buy our game
Pay $9.99 and tell kinect to take me to last level of the game and unlock all trophies/achievements and if last level is hard pay extra $.99 for AI to play the final boss and show you ending

Activision is bad but EA is bad on a different level


All 3 combined income room could come up with a way to screw every gamer

EA with online passes
Cacom with same game releases instead of expansion packs for $39.99
SE with not knowing how to manage their budget and games never selling up to their expections

N7Lukas1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I hate the way companies like EA talk about games, the wording they use just takes the soul of videogames away. "Business model", all they care about is the money and it shows in the way they talk about games. I understand companies have to try new things and innovate but at least talk about games with a bit of passion instead of just treating them as business ventures, its so cold sounding.

Well, i guess that's to be expected from EA.

Animal Mutha 761672d ago

Business Model - read that as Revenue Stream.

Soon we will be buying every weapon or car or map. I know I sound very doom and gloom but you watch, it'll end up being like some titles on IOS that earn lots of dosh through people buying donuts or megabucks.

TryMe1672d ago

Ah the days of games simply being games, rather than microtransaction/free to play/dlc/fully focused online modes (rather than putting full effort into the single player narrative as well)


Thank god for Publishers like Sony and Devs like Irrational and Naughty Dog for leading the way.

spartanlemur1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

The last time this happened publishers gave birth to that unwanted abomination of microtransaction-based F2P.

I don't even want to know what sleazy, dishonest gimmick they're going to think of next to cause casuals to become addicted in the same way as gambling to their rubbish. And then the rest of us will just sit back and sigh as our stream of the games we want because they're good and not addictive like a drug just wanes like a parched stream.

When did games publishers start operating like casinos?

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The story is too old to be commented.