Steam Summer Sale Review

I am new to the PC gaming scene, I never had a computer that could handle the latest games till very recently. As soon as I got my new computer I started collecting games on Steam. I’ve had an account on there for quite some time now but never really used it. So this was my first Steam Summer Sale. I was, without a doubt, excited and about to go out of my mind as I counted down the minutes, nay seconds to the beginning of the sale. I clicked refresh about 50 times in those 10 minutes when steam literally went down at the beginning, my anxiety and excitement getting the better of me, I could hear my wallet scream but I was a man on a mission, I wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity. 10 days and countless games later, the sale ended, some loved it, some were left wanting more. Which made me think, maybe I should ask everyone at OrdinaryGamer what they thought.

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xYLeinen1700d ago

Stop reviewing everything, let us think for ourselves.

dan9581700d ago

If was my staffs opinion of the sale. If you believe that because someone else has an opinion that you cannot. You are a sad, strange little man.

Winter47th1700d ago

The sale wasn't as strong as previous years, probably cause of competition (Amazon DD, Greenmangaming, GamersGate, UPlay, Origin..etc). Which ain't exactly a bad thing, but still the same, it wasn't as it was before.

zeal0us1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I didn't know they were forcing you to read it.

"I felt most of the games that were on sale were constantly repeated, i didn’t want them or I already had them."

Glad I wasn't the only one that felt this way. Most of the games I brought was on the flash sales rather than the daily sales.

spartan_dx1700d ago

I bought one game only Dark souls downled and installed some mods, most engrosing game ive played in a long time. With 100 hours of of gameplay i wouldnt even have time to play any other game.

berndogskate1700d ago

missed alan wake, will get it in winter sale

Somebody1700d ago

Thanks to the recent Steam Sale, I bought Tomb Raider. I didn't expect it to be quite engrossing. I've bought Tomb Raider Underworld from another Steam Sale a couple of years back and so far I haven't even completed the second level. With the new one...exploring an island is awesome! Haven't stopped playing since.

Thanks to the discounted Tomb Raider I bought off the Steam Sale, I'll be buying it's sequel when it comes out (no more waiting for sales). Coincidentally I heard a bit of news about the sequel being made while enjoying this one.

Einhert1700d ago

It wasn't as strong as previous sales because the games on offer were either already on sale multiple times and there hasn't been any real good games released that could have been featured in the sale.

JsonHenry1700d ago

This is why the winter sale is my favorite. ALL of the decent games that year have already been released.

I picked up Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Dead Island Riptide, Dishonored, Deadlight, I am Alive, Metro Last Light, Serious Sam BFE, Sniper Zombie Army, Worms Revolution, Interstellar Marines.. that isnt counting the games I gifted to other people. All in all I spent a little under $200. Well under my budget for the sale. I have enough games to keep me going until winter at least now.

Rivitur1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Not bad I missed the STALKER sale during the winter last year and was hoping they would put it back up during this sale but it wasn't. I purchased. Amnesia, Super Hexagon, Garry's Mod, Antichamber, Nightsky and McPixel for less than 20$.