Microsoft prices first-party Xbox One titles at £49.99

First-party Xbox One titles will retail for £49.99, judging by listings on the official Microsoft Store.

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redcar1211818d ago

not bad if this is true bettter than 60 quid

abzdine1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

it's 50£ i dont see how it's not bad??

EDIT: from amazon UK i always buy my games 40£ max. i dont see how 50 is a good price now.

RankFTW1818d ago

Current gen games are all priced at £50 RRP anyway but retailers sell them for less.

StanSmith1818d ago

It's not bad, because games retail for £49.99 rrp now. This means that once the supermarkets start competing with each other and other retailers, the prices will be the same we're currently paying now for 360/PS3 titles.

With the exception of EA of course, who have already said that their games will be £54.99 rrp. EA never changes! Hope they go bust this gen!

HardcoreGamer211818d ago

50£=75$ so it is a little expensieve

Septic1818d ago

It's no different from what we have now.

I thought this had been confirmed ages ago?

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Bhuahahaha1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

its £
so around 70$ ?

redcar1211818d ago

no its quid ask any uk person

iamnsuperman1818d ago


"no its quid ask any uk person"

Well no. Depends on background and location. Being a middle class midlander I sort of slip in and out of the two

OT; Cool. I wonder if this will make EA drop their prices as Sony and Microsoft have said they will not up their price.

TekoIie1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


Quid is basically used as an "abbreviation". Quid slips of the tongue quicker than pound (perhaps varying on your accent to an extent).

OT: At least its only 1st parties. Doesnt mean I'm happy about it though...

To be honest if you walk into a retailer and see a title for £50 and then look at the PC version for £30 it doesn't look easy to justify the extra £20 :/

More like greed IMO.

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LAZL0-Panaflex1818d ago

Sure Microsoft, u can have my anus!

Animal Mutha 761818d ago

Yeah but I'm not going to pay that for them especially when you know there will be another 40 quids worth of dlc waiting for you as soon as you go online and update.

I never pay rrp for any game.

boing11818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

I hope 3rd party will follow. Looking at you, EA.

Seafort1818d ago

Have any of you see what EA charge on their Origin store for PC games?

Most new or pre released games are £40-45 digital downloads.

This is why I don't buy EA games anymore. I won't be getting Titanfall or Dragon Age 3. I've totally boycotted them.

It seems a few other publishers are following suit as well. Sega are charging £40 for Rome II and Company of Heroes 2.
PC retail games are actually cheaper than their digital counterparts.
So if any of you are wanting a digital age on consoles I'd be careful what you wish for :)

Funantic11818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Titanfall is £54.99 which is the price for almost all PS4 and X1 games. Only the X1 first party games are £49.99. EA next gen games are no higher than the rest. EA games on Origin do vary. Titanfall on Origin is $59.99 which isn't too bad since it's the same price for a next gen console game. It'll drop in price faster for PCs.

TekoIie1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

PC users will be playing next gen titles on the same PC they currently own so why do they need a price increase? The community doesnt need to start from scratch again like Xbox1 and PS4.

So Rome 2 which will only release on PC can go for £29.99 but BF4 which will be on just about every home console needs to up the price to become profitable. Im sorry but I dont buy it...

"It'll drop in price faster for PCs."

If we're talking steam then yeh. But this is Origin where SimCity is still being sold for £44.99

nick3091818d ago

In my country a game costs 100$ , any game any console, so i always import from the u.s or digital psn us.

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