Pachter: EA could delay GTA IV's April 29 release

Joystiq writes: Mr. Michael Pachter – everyone's favorite clairvoyant video game analyst – has a knack for making headlines. Whether it's "Pachter snubs pal Lohan in Viper Club debacle" or "EA could delay GTA IV's April 29 release" we tend to take notice. On the latest episode of Bonus Round, Pachter told host Geoff Keighley, "I think if EA takes over Take-Two, they have an economic incentive to delay [Grand Theft Auto IV]." What economic incentive might that be? Why, to hold the release until the far more lucrative fourth quarter. As for why Take-Two isn't simply doing that itself, the Pach explains, "Take-Two, financially, has to get that game out ... they need the money. They need to get it out."

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Time Lord3908d ago

Michael Pachter is getting bit boring now.

KidMakeshift3908d ago

Pachter's belief isn't very practical. How would releasing it in the fall be more profitable than april 29? GTA4 owns this month and next month. It would not have this kind of advantage later in the year. I think he's just pulling controversy out of his a$$

BrianC62343908d ago

If EA did do that I'd be calling them up and telling them I won't buy anymore of their games. No way would EA do it but since GTA4 isn't an EA game it won't happen. EA didn't just buy Take Two, did they?

SuperTanker3908d ago

That's an empty threat. Will you not buy GTA even if it were delayed?

IntelligentAj3908d ago

I don't think EA would do this simply because it would alienate gamers who happen to be their primary source of income and when they don't put out quality title(like they used to) they will suffer.

RJ20003908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

If EA buy 2k... this will be the last GTA game I play. Because they will all be the same once EA buys it and they will release 2 each year.

@1.4: You dont realize that EA has been doing this forever and taking their consumers for granted. They do not think logically from what I can tell half the time.

BrianC62343907d ago

"That's an empty threat. Will you not buy GTA even if it were delayed?"

Hopefully just telling EA my threat would be enough to make them crumble because I hope all gamers would do the same. We've waited too long already. If the game is ready release it. Hopefully it won't matter.

whoelse3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

It would happen if they want the whole world to be talking GTA just when everyone are getting out their money to buy xmas gifts.

But there isnt too long for EA to take over take-two before April 29th.

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Bleucrunch3907d ago

Nuff said. There really is more that needs to be said!

Alcohog3908d ago

Will not happen.

See what I did there?

EZCheez3908d ago

Heads will roll.

I can assure you of that.

PS360PCROCKS3908d ago

I would say I wouldn't buy it but I would cave in because I want it so much, so I would kill someone from EA out of irritation, it was already supposed to be out like 6 months before April 29th