Killzone: Mercenary hands-on preview – PS Vita redeemed | Metro

Sony’s handheld finally gets a first person shooter worthy of its power, with a spin-off game featuring some unexpected influences…

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talocaca1732d ago

Sony...release this, drop the system to $189 and make the cards cheaper...then sit and see what happens.

I have a vita and love it...we need more sales to get AAA software.

It was released almost 2 years ago in Japan it must be a lot cheaper to make.

r211732d ago

Hope for gamescom. Price drop announcement and new exclusives announced there is a probability. Gamescom last year gave us Tearaway and KZ Mercenary.

ArchangelMike1732d ago

I'm absolutely loving my VIta as well. I have owned (and still own every Killzone game GG has released. I can't wait for KZ: Mercenary. Here's hoping Sony make it cross buy as well.

kraigslist_killa1732d ago

This is the tits, I cant wait.

ps3vita4life1732d ago

This game along with Tearaway are my most anticipated vita games. Can't wait to play some Killzone on my vita :)

Kinger89381732d ago

Im interested but so far the fps games on the system have been just awful, but thats probably down to them being done by the same dev (resistance and cod)

Really hope this controls well! Bit weird that the upcoming ps4 game seems to be going for a less gritty visual style while this one is sticking with the style of the trilogy, i wonder how it all fits in

Will there be a demo? I know theres a beta but i think i missed the sign up for that :(

fOrlOnhOpe571732d ago

I think the style is determined by where and when each game is set in the Killzone history / universe.

Kinger89381732d ago

Ahh yea could be right there