Xbox One’s Kinect is 10 times more powerful, says Rare’s Nick Burton

Rare's Nick Burton has revealed that Xbox One's Kinect is 10 times more powerful than its predecessor.

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ShugaCane1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Rare supporting Kinect and praising Kinect Sports is one of the most outrageous things ever. This is what they've become. The studio which made Conker, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark. Making casual games using motion sensors. Overwhelmingly sad.

Urusernamesucks1764d ago

Its not like they have a choice... Not saying ms is Forcing them make motion games but thats pretty much all rare is good at the time. I dont think rare has what it takes to make a AAA game anymore, considering most of the veterans left before the company got purchased.

I think they did a Wonderful job last gen Creating the avatar system, and kinect games. And im sure theyl do even better now that the kinect is far more advanced.

1764d ago
Smurf11764d ago

I think they will do well next gen.

christocolus1764d ago

Rare will announce more games at gamescom and so far i think they have done well.

Smurf11764d ago

I hope they do. Rare needs to come back in form.

christocolus1763d ago

they will, there are some rumored games in the the rumoured full fledged adventure game and a shooter in the works.

True_Samurai1764d ago

-_- not that I want a hardcore kinect game aw what the heck. I do wanna see if they make a better hardcore game with this kinect

Smurf11764d ago

It depends, really. Kinect's on paper specs are good mate but don't know what developers can pull off with it.