PS4 Launch Bundles Back in Stock at Amazon

Hardcore Gamer: After selling out almost everywhere, the PlayStation 4 Launch Edition is back for round two on Amazon. As of two hours ago, all PS4 Launch Day Bundles have been replenished at the retail giant, allowing those who missed out another opportunity to get a PS4 at launch.

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JustPlay41734d ago

That cool more people can pre order now
(wish I had money)

Jaqen_Hghar1734d ago

A man would remind you that Amazon doesn't charge until shipping is complete

PraxxtorCruel1734d ago

Could it be they are back in stock because people are jumping ship? It's just an idea, don't get all defensive, geez!

malokevi1734d ago

Nope, Kevin Bacon Wasn't in Footloose.

RememberThe3571734d ago

@Praxx: Maybe, I'd hope not but that could very well be what happened. Obviously that idea isn't going to go over well here, but it may be useful in tempering Playstation fans expectations. If I had the money I'd pick the PS4 over the Xbone, and when I get the money thats exactly what I'll do. However that doesn't mean that everyone shares my opinion. It'll be interesting to see those numbers come launch week.

Mikeyy1734d ago


Ask yourself this, how many stories do you read about ps3 gamers jumping to XB1? How many stories of xb360 gamers jumping to ps4?

You can read it all on the official Xbox forums for months now.

Microsoft is fighting to keep the install base they already have while Sony is scoping up the defectors by the truckload.

abzdine1734d ago

i need to buy one more, pre orders here i come.

TheFallenAngel1734d ago


If they sell out soon we will know that that wasn't the case.

MajorLazer1734d ago

I preordered mine from ShopTo. I actually paid £348.99 yesterday in the hope that if and when there is a shortage, my order is more honoured due to paying for it so early.

FamilyGuy1734d ago

@Praxx, even if that's true they're just making space so more people (that really want a launch PS4) can get their hands on one. Those launch bundles will sell out just as the last ones did. If it's truly new stock allotted by Sony then that's more sales, if they're cancelled pre-orders they'll be sold out again soon leaving Sony pre-orders exactly where they already were.

People need to understand that no matter how many consoles Sony or MS have at launch there's no way they'll have enough to fill the demand. Both consoles will sell out initially.

ZodTheRipper1734d ago

Amazon wouldn't announce it on their Facebook page if some preorders were cancelled ...of course they got more units promised by Sony. Production started just recently and as the consoles are manufactured, it's easier to prognosticate how many units will be available at launch. Unlike the Xbox One, this is not rocket science guys.

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jimmywolf1734d ago

their easy ways too make money, with little effort. i would mention them but if you can't be bothered too figure out how, then doubt you be able too take the time too do them.

SniperControl1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


Check the daily bestsellers on there for your answer.

Current Hourly List:- PS4: No 7
X1: No 51

Amazon UK PS4 No 6
X1 No 13

avengers19781734d ago

It's like this amazon opens pre-orders and sonys says you have X number of units allocated to you... Amazon sales out in 24 hours.
After a month Sony says we will allocate X more units to you, amazon re-opens preordering. I imagine by the end of the week they will be sold out again.
Happened at GameStop too.

avengers19781733d ago

As of right now PS4 has 4 top spots on amazon top 20, with the PS4 watch dogs bundle at #1, PS4 battlefield bundle at #3, standard edition PS4 at #4, and PS4 KILLZONE shadow fall at #11.

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medman1734d ago

The bundles make more sense to me.

DBTagg1734d ago

Just pre-ordered my Watchdogs bundle!!! 1st console pre-order ever.

nosferatuzodd1734d ago

Could it be they are back in stock because people are jumping ship? It's just an idea, don't get all defensive, geez!
no one is jumping ship

TheRealHeisenberg1734d ago

I'm not jumping ship. I never boarded PS4's ship in the first place. I'll jump on when it is $300.00 USD or less. Same for Xbox One.

Jiggy7d1734d ago

Lol...jump ship... you don't jump from a modern next-gen cruiser (PS4) to Titanic (Xone).......this only means Sony is manufacturing PS4's like crazy.....anybody can see that interest in the console is through the roof......I predict next gen will be 60:40 in PS4's favor at least......worldwide.

OrangePowerz1734d ago

Or it could mean they only allocated a portion of units to them and gave them now more to have it sell out first. It is a common practice to just have less units first and they sell out and that creates positive buzz that people want the thing you sell. After that you give them some more units and people will react quick because they think it will sell out again and they won't get one at launch. Not saying they do that but it is a possibility and the same goes for Xbone.

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